Can you Learn Something in less than 2 hours?

Coursera Guided Projects

Guided Projects enable you to learn job-oriented skills in under 2 hours through interactive experience guided by the subject matter experts

How much you pay?

The cost of Guided Projects is just $10. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take these short courses. 

Top 50 Guided Projects

You may want to take a look at the list of trending and popular guided projects on Coursera

Who Can Join?

Anyone from anywhere in the world can join Coursera Guide Projects programs, there are no restrictions.


Once you join a Guided  Project, you get a lifetime access to it. Any content inside the program can be accessed later, as required

Why Should You Join?

To learn in-demand skills in shortest amount of time from the live instructor in a split window. What else would you require. Its a great way to learn skills.

Are they part of Coursera Plus?

Yes, they are included in Coursera Plus Subscription. So, when you take the subscription. you get Guided Projects for  FREE.