Coursera Guided Projects

coursera guided projects

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up about Coursera’s new product line, “Guided Projects”. The Guided Projects enable you to learn job-oriented skills in 2 hours or less through interactive experience guided by the subject matter experts. Learners will follow along with pre-recorded videos from industry experts using a unique side-by-side interface.

The best part is no prior knowledge or a software required. You get access to everything needed to complete the guided project right in your browser. And, to top it all, they are available at just $10, view here.

Starting with Guided Projects:

  • When you start the guided project, the first thing you see is overview of the project structure
  • Introduction to the subject matter expert Instructor
  • You are then asked to open a tool called Rhyme to work on the project. Rhyme is a learning platform that provides a unique, side-by-side hands-on learning interface where learners complete each step in a virtual workspace as they watch video instructions from the instructor on the other side of the screen (See the figure 1.1 above)
  • The virtual workspace is a pre-configured cloud desktop, therefore all the required data and the software is available directly in your browser. So, there is no need to install or download anything to start the project

Free Guided Projects from Infosys and UST

As of February 2024, you can enroll in the below Guided Projects absolutely free. They are from top Information Technology Institutions like Infosys and UST. So there is no reason why you should avoid them, all you invest here is your two hours! With these under 2 hours short guided projects one can quickly build in-demand job skills and expand career opportunities.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) With Golang From Infosys – Enroll Now
  • Python Database Connection with MariaDB From Infosys – Enroll Now
  • Database Operations in MariaDB Using Python From Infosys – Enroll Now
  • Data Encryption using AWS KMS From UST – Enroll Now
  • Create Your First Python Program From UST – Enroll Now
  • Statistical Data Visualization with Seaborn From UST – Enroll Now

If you have any questions about the above FREE guided projects, please send us your queries on Twitter @ionlinecourse.

Top 50 Coursera Guided Projects

The following is the list of trending and popular guided projects on Coursera. Each course is about two hours long, do check them out by clicking on the course name. This list will change over time as we get fresh data from Coursera.

Course NameAverage Star Rating
Create Your First Python Program4.57
Build Your Portfolio Website with HTML and CSS4.49
Introduction to Project Management4.55
Object-Oriented Programming with Java4.47
Spreadsheets for Beginners using Google Sheets4.66
Facial Expression Recognition with Keras4.52
Introduction to Python4.49
Introduction to HTML4.61
Introduction to Google Docs4.7
Custom Prediction Routine on Google AI Platform4.62
Introduction to Relational Database and SQL4.52
Build a Simple App in Android Studio with Java4.34
COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python4.55
Linear Regression with NumPy and Python4.37
Use Canva to Create Social Media Marketing Designs4.51
Create a Resume and Cover Letter with Google Docs4.64
Build a Data Science Web App with Streamlit and Python4.55
Build a Full Website using WordPress4.53
Use WordPress to Create a Blog for your Business4.45
Project: Creating Your First C++ Application4.48
Computer Vision – Object Tracking with OpenCV and Python4
Basic Image Classification with TensorFlow4.56
Clustering Geolocation Data Intelligently in Python4.42
Computer Vision – Image Basics with OpenCV and Python4.22
Image Data Augmentation with Keras4.55
Image Classification with CNNs using Keras4.43
Create Your First Game with Python4.48
Create Your First Chatbot with Rasa and Python4.43
Predicting House Prices with Regression using TensorFlow4.46
Beginning SQL Server4.52
RESTful API with HTTP and JavaScript4.29
Building a Text-Based Bank in Java4.48
Build an E-commerce Dashboard with Figma4.41
Create a Business Marketing Brand Kit Using Canva4.68
Perform Sentiment Analysis with scikit-learn4.45
Computer Vision – Object Detection with OpenCV and Python3.83
Linear Regression with Python4.56
Support Vector Machines with scikit-learn4.3
Visualizing Citibike Trips with Tableau4.56
Introduction to Project Management with ClickUp4.68
Logistic Regression with NumPy and Python4.48
Compare Stock Returns with Google Sheets4.35
Build a Machine Learning Web App with Streamlit and Python4.64
Analyze Box Office Data with Plotly and Python4.5
Image Compression with K-Means Clustering4.6
Predict Future Product Prices Using Facebook Prophet4.39
Image Super Resolution Using Autoencoders in Keras4.33
Intermediate Relational Database and SQL4.51
Traffic Sign Classification Using Deep Learning in Python/Keras4.59
Image Denoising Using AutoEncoders in Keras and Python4.44

Do Guided Projects boost your resume?

The guided projects are really good to learn new skills in 2 hours or less. However, if you are particularly looking for courses that add to your resume, we recommend you take a certificate course instead.

The Coursera guided projects are great for those who are looking to learn new skills in the shortest amount of time possible. It would not be fare to ask whether these course will add to your resume. Nevertheless, learners still learn something that they can demonstrate in present workplace or in front of potential employers

After completing a Guided Project, you are issued a certificate that you can share on LinkedIn.

Do let us know if you have any questions about this post.

Happy learning 🙂


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