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With this link, you will be able to view all the Coursera courses and specializations on one page. Just go ahead and have a look at what Coursera offers to the learners. Our readers have been asking for the full catalog access, and we just got it for them!

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How much do Coursera Courses cost?

First of all, we would like to let all our readers know that, Coursera is the leader in online learning space with 60 million+ learners as of June, 2021. The price of Coursera courses, Specializations and Professional certificates are different, we cover them down below.

Coursera has the following programs: Specializations, Courses, Guided Projects, Professional Certificates and Online Degrees. Each program has a different prizing and duration.


The cost of Coursera courses varies from $29 to $99, you get free trials for each course. You can always go for the trial first to see if the course covers what you are looking for.  If you decide to enroll the course, you will need to pay between $29 to $99!

Coursera courses are usually targeted at beginners, you need no prior knowledge to start learning a particular skill. The best part is, you also get the course completion certificate, which has a lot of value 🙂

Duration: Typically takes 4-6 weeks

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A specialization on Coursera consists of minimum 3 related courses, directed at making you master the specific topic. The price of each specialization varies from $39 to $79 per month.

You get specialization completion certificate once you successfully complete them. You also get certificates for each course you complete within a specialization.

Duration: Typically takes 4-6 months

To view all the specialization : Go here

Guided Projects: 

Typically less than 3 hours of program with an instructor, guided to teach you complex skills. You may want to check them out. The cost of the program is around $10.

To view all the guided projects, please go here.

Online Degrees:

If you are interested in an online degree from Coursera, you may have to pay higher than other programs. You may want to check that out with Coursera through this link.

Note: If you need financial assistance, make sure to looking at the financial aid program Coursera runs.

More About Coursera

Coursera has been around since 2012, it was founded by 2 of Stanford’s computer science professionals, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng.  Ever since then, following are the  numbers for this leader in online education:

  • 92 million+ learners worldwide
  • 150+ university partners from around the globe
  • 5100+ courses on 100s of topics
  • 300+ specializations covering all the major topics one would like to master
  • 25+ degree programs

You get true online learning experience on Coursera with features like:

  • Mobile learning (With Apps for iOS and Android)
  • Support from dedicated community of course mentors and knowledgeable learner support team if required
  • Subtitles for courses in 30+ languages, which is great for those who are not native English speakers
  • Shareable certificates for the courses and specialization you complete. You can share them on your resume, LinkedIn and other professional portals
  • Not burdensome, requires only few hours of your time every week


In this post, we have shared links to full access catalog of Coursera courses and specializations, just go ahead and have a look.

Coursera is the leader in online learning, if you want to learn a new skill, consider paying attention to what Coursera offers. All the courses and specialization on the website are created by top universities and organizations. Therefore, spend your money the right way, learn from the best for your best.

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Happy Learning!

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