Udemy $9.99 Courses Sale 2020

Udemy, the leading online learning marketplace in the world runs its $9.99 courses sale few times a year. During the event, almost all the Udemy online courses become available at the lowest price of the year.

The Udemy $9.99 deal applies to over 120,000 classes, this presents a great opportunity for learners to enroll in top courses at the best discount possible.

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$9.99 courses

More about Udemy $9.99 Deal

The Udemy $9.99 deal comes 2-3 times a year and offers the maximum discount possible for Udemy courses globally. If you are not from the US, you still get lowest or equivalent price of the courses in your currency during the occurrence of this offer.

Usually, this lowest price sale occurs near Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year and on special occasions. The last time Udemy ran this offer was in January 2020 and it lasted over 10 days.

Therefore, keep an eye and buy your favorite courses with this offer the moment you see it.

Best courses with Udemy $9.99 sale

This is a great time to buy some quality courses for learning new skills. The right way to go about it would be to see the course stats before buying. Any course which has at least a rating of 4 out 5 is a good pick.

We know there are 1000s of great courses on the platform, you might feel it overwhelming to choose the best ones. So, to help you in this, we have created the following posts that you can help you find the best udemy courses:

Top Udemy Courses: This post lists some of the best Udemy courses, you can always give it a look when you aren’t sure about a best course. This will save you a lot of time!

Top Udemy Instructors: This  article lists top Udemy instructors, you can look at their courses. They are surely going to be very beneficial.

Hope the above two links will help you select the best courses. Do give them a look and enroll in the best via this lowest price ever Udemy sale.


Udemy $9.99 sale, coupon, deals and offers should never be missed. Such events bring the price of 120K+ online courses down to their lowest price point.

The same course you would get in normal days at $100, comes down to just $9.99! Therefore, utilize such offers and save money on your next purchase on Udemy.

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