12 Resume Boosting Coursera Programs


In this article we are listing 12 Coursera career boosting Programs/Specializations from Johns Hopkins, Google, Wharton, University of California, Rice University, Imperial College of London, New York University & Duke University. If you are planning to learn new skills in spare time, these Coursera programs could be amazing for you.

The best part is, after completion, you get a certificate of completion. And that certificate can be shared with employers. Alternatively, you can add the credential earned to your LinkedIn Profile. Any potential employer can verify the legitimacy of your certificate. As you get a Credential ID that is associated with the each course you complete on Coursera.

So, go ahead and make your resume & LinkedIn profile impressive than ever. Begin any of the following Specializations and earn a powerful career credential.

Career Boosting Coursera specializations:

Big Data Specialization

Big Data Specialization

One of the best and the most in demand skills these days have to be big data. Learning big data will give you the edge over the others, equip yourself with this skill of the future. This big data specialization is created by University of California, San Diego. You will learn everything from scratch, in total you get 6 courses, they are:

  • Introduction to Big Data (3 weeks of study, 5-6 hours/week)
  • Big Data Modeling and Management Systems (6 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week)
  • Big Data Integration and Processing
  • Machine Learning With Big Data (5 Weeks, 3 – 5 hours per week)
  • Graph Analytics for Big Data (4 Weeks, 3-5 hours/week)
  • Big Data – Capstone Project

You will learn: Hadoop with MapReduce, Big Data Analytics Using Spark, Processing Using Splunk and Datameer. As of December, this specialization has 128K+ enrollments.

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Business and Financial Modeling 

Business and Financial Modeling

This is another futuristic skill to add to your arsenal would be business and financial modeling. This specialization is from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which includes 5 total courses is indeed the one you should pick for mastering the skill.

The courses in this specialization are:

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling (4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week)
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models (4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week)
  • Modeling Risk and Realities (4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week)
  • Decision-Making and Scenarios (4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week)
  • Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone

This specialization is for everyone, you need no prior experience to start learning. Just enroll in to it and you will be good to go.

You will learn: Revenue Optimization, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Risk Analysis

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Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Skills For Managers

A great specialization from University of California, Davis, we are particularly looking forward to this one! Total 4 courses are there in the specialization, you need not to have a prior knowledge to learn from this specialization! Everything starts from scratch!

Here are the courses in this specialization:

  • Managing as a Coach
  • Setting Expectations & Assessing Performance Issues
  • Coaching Practices (4 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week)
  • Coaching Conversations (4 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week)

You must consider the specialization if you are looking forward to take managerial roles in your company or organization.

You will learn these skills: Expectation Setting, Establishing Accountability, Performance Assessment, Navigating Difficult Conversations.

As of December there are 27,777 enrollments..

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Google Cloud Data Engineering

Data Engineering google cloud

One of the most popular and most rewarding career is data engineering! Mastering the skill can get you far in your career. Consider enrolling in Data Engineering Specialization on Coursera. The specialization is created by Google Cloud Platform.

Learn the best from the best to give your career a great boost! Google cloud is the best when it comes to learning Data Engineering, so go ahead and start learning with this specialization.

Total 5 courses are there in this specialization, and they are:

  • Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals (1 week of study, 6-10 hours/week)
  • Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform (1 week of study, 5-7 hours/week)
  • Serverless Data Analysis with Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow (1 week of study, 6-8 hours/week)
  • Serverless Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform (1 week of study, 8-12 hours/week)
  • Building Resilient Streaming Systems on Google Cloud Platform (1 week of study, 6-8 hours/week)

This is what you learn: Machine Learning Models, Unstructured Data Analysis, BigQuery, Cloud Datalab

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Data Visualization with Tableau

Data Visualization with Tableau

Another great specialization from University of California, Davis. Includes a total of 5 courses, each requires 4-5 hours of time each week on an average. Again, the specialization starts from the very beginning, you need no prior knowledge to learn from it 🙂

Data Visualization is one of the in-demand skills to have. You will get the rewards for the same for sure. Go ahead and give your career a great boost by learning the skill from UC Davis.

These are the courses you will do:

  • Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau (4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week)
  • Essential Design Principles for Tableau (4 weeks of study, 5-7 hours/week)
  • Visual Analytics with Tableau (4 weeks of study, 5-7 hours/week)
  • Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau (4 weeks of study, 5-7 hours/week)
  • Data Visualization with Tableau Project (6 weeks of study, 3-8 hours/week, the week will vary)

This is all that you learn: Data Migration and Merging, Design Best Practices, Exploratory Analysis, Dashboard Creation. As of December 2023, this specialization has 145,700+ enrollments.

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Engineering Project Management

Engineering Project Management

A great specialization by Rice University.  Consider mastering strategies and tools to more effectively and successfully manage projects by learn from this specialization.

Engineering Project Management specialization by Rice University includes 3 courses, each takes about 3-5 hours of study every week.

Here are the courses you will go through:

  • Initiating and Planning (5 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week)
  • Scope, Time and Cost Management (6 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week)
  • Risk, Quality, Teams, and Procurement (5 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week)

Learning from Rice University will certainly have a great value.  Do check this out and start learning if it is of any interest to you.

Here are the skills you learn: Scoping Development, Time Management, Cost Estimation, Quality Assurance Planning. As of December, there are 56.5K+ enrollments.

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Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business

Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business

Learn to formulate data questions, explore and visualize large datasets, and inform strategic decisions by enrolling in this Specialization from Duke University.

The specialization includes 5 courses, and they are:

  1. Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies (4 weeks, 3-5 hours per week)
  2. Mastering Data Analysis in Excel (6 weeks, 8-10 hours per week)
  3. Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau (5 weeks, 6-8 hours per week)
  4. Managing Big Data with MySQL (5 weeks, 8-12 hours per week)
  5. Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics (8 weeks of study, 8-10 hours/week)

These are the skills you master: Entropy, Cash Flows, Binary Classification, Linear Regression. As of December 2023, there are 214.6K+ learners have enrolled into the program.

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Executive Data Science

executive data science

Learn to assemble the right team, ask the right questions, and avoid the mistakes that derail data science projects by enrolling in this Specialization. Created by Johns Hopkins University, the specialization has 5 total courses.

Each course is executive data science specialization requires you to commit 4-6 hours of time every week. Following are the courses you go through:

  • A Crash Course in Data Science (1 week of study, 4-6 hours)
  • Building a Data Science Team (1 week of study, 4-6 hours)
  • Managing Data Analysis (1 week of study, 4-6 hours)
  • Data Science in Real Life (1 week of study, 4-6 hours)
  • Executive Data Science Capstone (1 week of study, 4-6 hours)

These are the skills you gain: Data Science Team Leadership, Data Analysis, Data-Driven Decision-Making. As of December 2023, 63.8K+ students learning with this program.

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Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance

Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance

Anything associated with Machine Learning is the skill of future. Mastering the skill will get you far ahead from the others. This specialization comes from New York University and includes  4 courses.

  • Guided Tour of Machine Learning in Finance
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance
  • Reinforcement Learning in Finance
  • Overview of Advanced Methods of Reinforcement Learning in Finance

These are the skills you will learn: Pattern Recognition, Sequence Models, Markov Decision Process

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Market Research

Market Research UC Davis

This is another great specialization from Uinversity of California, Davis. You need no prior knowledge of the subject to start learning from it. This specialization has 4 courses and they are as follows:

  • Research Proposal: Initiating Research (4 weeks of study, 2-5 hours/week)
  • Qualitative Research (4 weeks of study, 4-7 hours/week)
  • Quantitative Research (4 weeks of study, 4-7 hours/week)
  • Research Report: Delivering Insights (4 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week)

These are the skills you attain: Research Planning, Conducting Focus Groups, Quantitative Survey Design, Synthesizing Findings and Deriving Insights

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Mathematics For Machine Learning

mathematics for machine learning

Mathematics for machine learning is a great specialization by Imperial College of London. With this specialization you learn about the prerequisite mathematics for applications in data science and machine learning.

This specialization includes the following 3 courses:

  • Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra (5 weeks of study, 2-5 hours/week)
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning: Multivariate Calculus (6 weeks of study, 2-5 hours/week)
  • PCA: Mathematics for Machine Learning (4 weeks of study, 4-5 hours/week)

Skills you master: Linear Mapping, Regression Analysis in Python, Principal Component Analysis

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Mastering Software Development in R

Mastering software development in R

This is one of our favorite specializations and comes from Johns Hopkins University. With this specialization you will learn to build the tools for better data science, design software for data tooling, distribute R packages, and build custom visualizations.

The specialization includes 5 courses, and they are:

  • The R Programming Environment
  • Advanced R Programming
  • Building R Packages
  • Building Data Visualization Tools
  • Mastering Software Development in R Capstone

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Final Thoughts

The above 12 specializations are great for anybody who wants to give their profile a much needed boost. Each specialization is created keeping future and the most in demand skills. The best part is, these specializations are coming from top universities, colleges and organizations. Anyone who decides to pursue them will do well in future.

Note: Each Specialization has a certificate, if you successfully complete the requirements, you will get the certificate of completion from Coursera. The value of the certificate is as good as a degree 🙂 Make sure to get the certificate and flaunt it on your resume and LinkedIn 🙂

Best of luck to all!