Master angular with this complete course

If you want to master Angular, consider taking the course we recommend in this post . The instructor of the course is, one of the top Udemy Instructors, Maximilian Schwarzmüller.  Anyone who wants to learn Angular from beginning should consider this bestseller course.

The best part is, it starts from scratch, and after completion you will be able to create awesome web apps. Anyone from anywhere can take this Angular course and complete it at their desired time, no questions asked.

best udemy angular course

Angular: The Complete Guide (2024 Edition)

Course Stats So Far:

  • Number of students enrolled: 756,000+
  • Best Selling Course on Angular
  • Feedback Score 4.6 out of 5
  • Total ratings received: 200,000+

Here is the full course: View here

The course teaches you the following:

  • The course covers everything right from setting up the framework to development
  • You will learn to create modern, dynamic and responsive web applications
  • The course will help you understand the architecture behind an angular web app
  •  Understand the angular fundamentals quickly
  • Easily establish yourself as front end developers
  • Learn to create single-page applications with one of the most modern JavaScript frameworks
  •  You will also learn Typescript, as it is used to write Angular applications
  • Learn about directives and components of Angular
  • Know how data-binding works
  • Learn to use modules on Angular
  • Know how to optimize the bigger angular app
  • You will build a major project while learning through this course
  • And much more..

Course content you get:

  • 34 hours of on demand video content
  • 42 All important articles
  • 143 Supplemental Resources
  • Lifetime access Access on mobile and TV no other commitments or catch
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion

If you are a beginner and have no knowledge of Angular don’t worry. Absolute beginners can also take the course. Moreover, Angular 13 is just a newer version of Angular framework.

Who can take this course?

  • Take this course no matter if you are new or an experienced
  • Front end developer who wants to learn the modern JavaScript framework
  • The course is for all those who are interested to learn about the state of the art front end JavaScript framework
  • If you want to become a front-end developer and looking for the easiest frameworks
  • Those who are on budget and can’t attend regular classes

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