Top Coursera Courses You Should Look At

If you have been planning to learn new skills online, consider looking at the courses Coursera offers. This leading platform for online learning hosts 1000s of courses on 100s of topics. In this post, we list some of the top Coursera courses in terms of user ratings! Consider looking at them, if you find them good, just go ahead and start with the 7 day free trial before buying 🙂


Highly Rated Coursera Courses

This list is in no particular order, we added them randomly. Just click on the name of the institution mentioned alongside each course to go to land on Coursera page of each :

We will be adding more courses to this list in coming days, therefore, make sure to check back soon! To take a look at all the certificates from Coursera you can earn go here

Why should you take Coursera Courses?

There are so many reasons why you should prefer Coursera for online learning. Some the best ones are as follows:

  • Courses from World’s best instructors and Universities
  • Coursera Certificates have great value on your resume
  • Trusted by top companies like Google, IBM, Cisco, VMware, Intel to name a few
  • 7 days of free trial
  • Systematic learning through assignments, grades & more
  • 170+ exceptional educators and partners in  in 28 countries
  • 3,000+ courses by leaders in education sectror
  • Financial aids for deserving students
  • Easy refund policy if you are not happy


If you are interested in learning new skills online, Coursera should always be on your go to list! You get access to content created by World class instructors, Universities and top institutions under one platform.  And, on top of all this, the certificate you earn from Coursera has way more value than other online learning platforms. Therefore, do go over the all the courses and pick the one which will benefit your career!

Hope you find this post insightful! We look forward to bring more content like this in our next post, just make sure to get our updates through social media!

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