Top Java Programming Courses Online

If you looking for the top Java programming courses online, consider looking at the list below. I have curated some of the best java courses along with their ratings and number of students enrolled. Enroll in any of these online java classes and master this amazing programming language.

Please note, the stats you see for each course update overtime, do go to course page to see real time numbers.

The Complete Java Developer Course Learn Step by Step – by Tim Buchulka (View here)

Top Java programming courses online

This course helps one acquire advanced as well as core programming skills. The course includes 392 lectures and comprehensive tutorials.

This course teaches:

  • How to program fluently in JAVA
  • The concepts of Object Oriented Programming
  • How to download and install JAVA on a computer
  • JAVA keywords, expressions, statements and operators
  • How to create one’s own JAVA program
  • How to take the knowledge of JAVA and use it to write applications for various Android devices, desktops, or the internet.

This 4.6/5 course has 82,061 ratings and 353,421 students enrolled as of 2nd of September 2019! If you want to know more about this course, click on the URL View here

The Java Spring Tutorial: Learn Java’s Popular Web Framework (View here)

The Java Spring Tutorial

This course help students learn the most sought-after JAVA web framework. The course also includes web programming with Hibernate and Spring MVC.

This course helps students:

  • Comprehend the basics of the JAVA Spring framework
  • Learn the techniques of developing database and web applications with Spring
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of Hibernate for SQL-free database connectivity

22,867 students have enrolled in this course that has 2485 ratings on Udemy.

Click on the URL if you want to get more information View here

Other Best Java Courses Online

Absolute Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in Java (View here)

Master Object Oriented Design in Java

Those who want to master Object Oriented Design in JAVA must take this introductory course. 15,220 students have enrolled in this course that has 1431 ratings.

This is a simple and slow-paced course and helps one understand what an “object” is in Computer Programming. The lectures included in this course provide the essential foundation for Object Oriented Programming. The course also teaches what class inheritance is and what it means for objects.

Here’s the link to the course: View here

Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in JAVA (View here)

Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

This course had been designed to understand the basics of Algorithms and DS thoroughly. One must take this course keeping programming interviews in mind.

15,873 students have enrolled in this course that has 1228 ratings. The course is available on Android and iOS.

Here’s the link you need to click for more information View here

Servlets and JSPs Tutorial- Learn Web Applications with Java (View here)

Learn Web Applications With Java

This course helps one learn the techniques of creating dynamic websites with the help of JAVA programming language. This web application tutorial has 852 ratings and 14,736 students enrolled.

The course teaches:    

  • The core technologies of contemporary JAVA web programming
  • How to create as well as deploy one’s own websites with the help of JAVA

This course is helpful for those who want to create websites which interact with databases. This is useful for JAVA programmers who wish to acquire web programming skills.

If you want to know more about this course, click on the URL View here


Above are the top 5 Java learning courses on Udemy that you can take online to become a java programming pro. If you know someone who is interested in learning java don’t forget to share this post with them.

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