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If you are looking to learn Python programming online, there can’t be a better platform than Udemy. As this leader in online learning space hosts 1000s of programming courses, taught by industry experts. 

best python courses online

The best part about learning with Udemy is the liberty of studying from anywhere and at anytime. Another great thing, you get a lifetime access to all the courses you take. And, all of it comes at a one time nominal fee, there are no recurring or hidden charges beyond that.

To help you enroll in the best Udemy Python course, down below we have a list of top python courses. Choose the one you think will be ideal for you and start learning the most popular and in-demand programming language.

Best Python Courses On Udemy

The following is the list of top Udemy python courses. Consider enrolling in any of them and master this amazing programming language. Most of the courses in our list start from scratch, so anyone with no prior knowledge can enroll and learn!

The stats you see right now for each course change quickly, though, we do our best to keep these numbers as fresh as we can. But, it is advisable see the real time numbers of each course, by going to the respective links provided.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python (Udemy)

Jose Portilla, one of the top udemy instructors, is the creator of this Python bootcamp course. As of April 21, 2024,It is the number one python course on Udemy and on the internet according to our research:

  • 1.89 million+ students
  • 4.6/5 rating after 502,000+ reviews

This is the best course to consider if you are looking to learn A to Z of Python. The instructor assumes you are a complete beginner and have no prior experience to start learning.

The course consists of 22 hours of videos, 113 lectures and 14 articles in this class, 19 coding exercises. After the completion you also get a certificate of completion which can be shared on LinkedIn and your resume

View the full course: here

Complete Python MasterClass (Udemy)

Another best course by another top udemy instructor Tim Buchalka. This course is one of the best selling Python courses on Udemy. Following are the numbers for this class:

  • 423,120+ students
  • 4.6/5 rating after 101,440+ reviews

A step by step course meant for everyone, you need no prior knowledge to take the course. Tim Buchalka walks you through step by step from installing to learning the python programming.

The course is 63.5 hours long and has 494 lectures. You also get 22 coding excercises, 11 articles and 11 downloadable resources. After the completion of this course you will get a completion certificate.

View the full course: here

The Python Bible (Udemy)

This course aims to teach everything one needs to learn in order to program in Python. The course is about building 11 projects and going from beginner to professional with Python Programming.

The Python bible includes:

  • Full lifetime access
  • Nine hours on-demand video
  • Ten coding exercises
  • Access on TV and mobile
  • Two supplemental resources
  • One article
  • Certificate of Completion

What will a Student Learn?

  • A student will learn to build 11 excellent Python projects.
  • This course teaches a student to track data in Python programs with the use of variables.

This course has 1177 ratings and 9107 students enrolled. To view the course on Udemy please  go here

The Python Bible comes with a 30-day money back guarantee on Udemy. You must contemplate about this course if you want to learn Python Programming!

The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial (Udemy)

This course teaches one to:

  • Install Python in 2 lectures
  • Write the first program in 3 lectures
  • Python basic data types and variables in 9 lectures
  • Python input or output in 4 lectures
  • Making decisions in 7 lectures
  • While Loops in 9 lectures
  • For Loops in 8 lectures
  • Iterators in 5 lectures
  • Functions in 7 lectures
  • List Comprehensions in 3 lectures
  • Scope in 5 lectures
  • Modules in 5 lectures
  • More on functions in 7 lectures
  • Using data structures in 3 lectures
  • Exception handling in 5 lectures
  • Object-oriented programming in 10 lectures

This tutorial for beginners, coming with a certificate of completion, is a huge help for those who want to learn the intricacies of Python Programming. This course has 990 ratings and as many as 22,306 students enrolled!

View the course over here

Python Programming for Beginners (Udemy)

Coming with 3-hours on-demand video, 1 supplemental resource, access on TV and mobile, 1 article, full lifetime access, and certificate of completion, the curriculum of this course firstly offers previews to students about installation and print and strings.

Then the curriculum includes:

  • Variables and Functions in 3 lectures
  • Statements, Loops, and Variables in 6 lectures
  • Comprehending Error Detection in 1 lecture
  • Working with Classes and Files in 4 lectures
  • Intermediate Python in 6 lectures
  • The final project in 3 lectures.

The course and the instructor have been rated highly and the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This course can help beginners to a great extent! It has 682 ratings and 28,556 students enrolled.

The course URL: View here

30 Days of Python – Unlock your Python Potential (Udemy)

Powerful for the pros and simple for the beginners, this course can be used for Big Data, Web Scraping, IOT, etc.

What will a Student Learn from this Course?    

  • This course will help a student:
  • Understand the fundamentals of Python
  • Build applications with Python
  • Read as well as parse emails with Python
  • Send emails using Python
  • Use Twitter API to easily send tweets through just a few lines of code
  • Scrape websites using Python for pulling data
  • Use Yelp API for pulling data about every business they have on their website
  • Read or write comma-separates values (CSV) files to work in Numbers or Excel

This course is a great help for beginners as well as advanced learners. It has 625 ratings and 22,288 students enrolled.

View the full course here

Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps (Udemy)

Coming with 9 articles and 16-hours on-demand video, this course is all about building Python web applications with Python and Flask.

This course helps to learn how to:

  • Develop, design, and deploy engrossing web applications with the use of web languages and Python.
  • Develop apps that use MongoDB databases.
  • Understand how the internet operates from the perspective of every development area.
  • This course is made more helpful with 6 coding exercises and 9 supplemental resources. LIVE chat facilities have also been added for interactive question-answer sessions.

The curriculum teaches:

  • How to deploy apps manually to a server in 13 lectures
  • Basic development-stage deployments to Heroku in 27 lectures
  • How to develop a comprehensive front-end with Bootstrap in 39 lectures

This course is for those who want to gain complete and in-depth knowledge about Python. It has 573 ratings and 5229 students enrolled.

View the course over here

Other Notable Python Courses

  • Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization (View here)
  • Python A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises (View here)
  • Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps (View here)


If you are interested in learning a programming language that will be great for the better future, consider learning Python Today.

The above shared courses are some of the best online python classes. These classes are from Udemy,  one can enroll in them under $20 with the help of Udemy $9.99 or similar offers.

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