Online Learning Platforms For Learners – The Best Ones!

best websites platforms for online learning

In this post I list some of the best websites or platforms for online learning. If you want to upgrade yourself on a particular subject or planning to acquire a new skill, consider looking. These online platforms host 1000s of courses you can learn from. All you need to do is, pick the topic that interests you and start learning.

Mastering skills this day and age is not that tough, all the material you need is just one click away. All you need is the dedication, once that is there, no one can stop you.

Following is the list of 10 most well-known online learning platforms in no particular order.

Best Platforms For Online Learning


Coursera partners with top universities, colleges and companies throughout the world. The platform provides amazing online courses that cover a wide range of subjects. One can enroll in courses, specializations, degrees and professional certification programs this online education giant hosts.

Coursera is a leader in terms of number of students learning with them. As per my research, the website was being used by over 35 million+ students worldwide.

All the courses, specializations and certificate programs on coursera are 100% online. One can learn from anywhere and at any time. Just pick your schedule and maintain it.


Udemy is the most affordable choice for anyone who wants to learn skills. The website hosts over 100,000+ online courses on 1000s of topics. Currently, this platform has over 33 million+ users.

The price of their courses range from $10 to $200. One can keep an eye on websites like to get the best offers from Udemy. You may end up buying a course which is $200 at just $15 or less. Here is the dedicated store to Udemy:

Before subscribing for any Udemy course, I highly recommend that you go through the reviews of students, so that the course you are taking is the best.


Another good alternate for online learning, Skillshare boasts of a wide range of various subjects for you to select from. Offering an impressive online catalog of attractive video-based courses and in-person workshops held in places like New York and San Francisco, Skillshare allows prospective students to go through reviews from former students.

You can avail a number of classes on Skillshare without any membership, just at a minimal cost of $20 to $30 each. However, top classes that are taught by the industry stalwarts become available to you when you opt for the Skillshare membership. Get two months of free membership for free here.

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)

An experienced and old entity in the arena of Online Education, presents a subscription-styled video coaching library. It can be described as the Netflix of education. which is now LinkedIn Learning is a brilliant learning platform for visual learners. The cost, being $25 each month, is reasonable. Membership offers infinite access to over 80,000 videos that cover a wide range of various subjects.


Based in Berlin, iversity is often described as “Coursera of Europe”. It has partnered with international and European universities with the aim of offering academic courses free of cost. iversity is, however, not providing official certifications at present.


Offering a small yet well-compiled catalog of courses, Udacity focuses strongly on technology. If you are planning to acquire thorough knowledge on Data Science (known as the most attractive job in the 21st century), Udacity is a good choice as its Data Science program boasts of an elite roster of tutors from organizations like Facebook and Salesforce.

The pricing structure enables a student to opt for monthly payments for their courses. If a student decides to discontinue a course midway, they need to pay only up to the point of discontinuation, and not for the entire course.


Supported by the White House previously, this platform aims to teach people the science of coding. It comes for free.
While all other online coding programs allow a student to learn at their own pace, Codecademy drives the learners to maintain a competitive pace with the help of gamified points structures and supportive groups.

The platform provides courses in quite a few languages that include Ruby, Python, and PHP. Students often become adept in building projects and deploying them before the course is complete.

General Assembly

Concentrating on education in technology, business, and design, General Assembly boasts of having campuses in almost 12 different cities across the world. Based in New York City, General Assembly offers a thoughtful selection of purely online or mixed programs along with its in-person classes which are the majority.
It also live-streams high-in-demand lectures, thus allowing a student to enjoy real-time interactions with the lecturer as well as the course-mates.


Bloc is an intensive and serious option for students who need to learn web development quickly. This program is diligently structured, running for 25 hours each week spanning several months. It is not about short lectures or courses. However, is not cheap, as the tuition start at $4,250. It offers an excellent option if you are eager for a change in career.

Khan Academy

An online non-profit platform, Khan Academy offers a library containing educational micro-lectures absolutely free. The platform focuses on conventional academic subjects, thus offering a mix of text-based and video materials in science, mathematics, humanities, economics, and some areas of computer programming. As it can be used by anyone for free, it is a wonderful way to gather an idea about a subject prior to committing to an advanced and costly course somewhere else.


With so many options, one may get overwhelmed, so the best thing to do is, just concentrate on the course you want to take, see the feedback score and the content it offers, don’t worry about the platform, just go ahead and enroll.

Note: This is an old post, some of the content needs to be updated, and I will do that shortly.