MasterClass Now Starting at Just $10/month

Learn from the best to become your best, for less! Now, MasterClass memberships are just $10/month, billed annually. With the same unparalleled library of thousands of lessons led by 180+ expert instructors, at a new lower price, MasterClass is making learning and self-improvement more accessible and affordable than ever before.

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MasterClass at $10/month

MasterClasss Subscription at $10/Month

  • For just $10/month, billed annually, Members get unlimited access to thousands of online lessons from over 180 expert instructors teaching a wide range of subjects across Arts & Entertainment, Business, Design & Style, Sports & Gaming, Writing and more.
  • New classes are added monthly to MasterClass’s already unparalleled library of courses, ensuring you never run out of things to learn. Plus, an ever-expanding library means endless opportunities to capture the unique interests of nearly everyone.
  • Consume bite-sized pieces to learn a new skill in just 10-minutes at a time, or binge it all at once. MasterClass is designed to fuel growth at your own pace and fit into even the busiest of schedules.
  • Plus, with the option to stream on the go, or download to watch offline learners can and be in the company of the world’s best anytime, anywhere.
  • The world’s very best, who usually charge hundreds of thousands of dollars at speaking events, are pouring out their secrets to success for just $120 per year – that’s just $10 per month. Plus, unlike live events, your audience will have access to this invaluable content for as long as they wish to learn with Masterclass.
  • With cinematic visuals, and close-up hands-on demonstrations, and exclusive content and insights, learners will feel one-on-one with the world’s best. Once unimaginable, at just $10/month, learners can access cooking lessons with Thomas Keller, relationship advice from Esther Perel, and writing lessons from Shonda Rhimes.
  • Practical takeaways that can be applied to your life and work, whether you want to become a better chef, advance your career, land a book deal, or anything else. When your audience starts turning heads with their new cooking skills, style, and even their career moves, tell them to blame it on MasterClass

Learn from the best to become their best, and gain new skills in as little as 10-minutes at a time for just $10/month, billed annually.

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