10+ Professional Coursera Certificate Programs

If you are looking to learn futuristic skills consider looking at these professional Coursera certificates that have helped learners master the most in-demand skills and become job-ready in less than 12 months. Not only these certificates are highly valuable on your resume but also ensure jobs, read this article in full and see the hiring partners for each program.

10+ Professional Coursera Certificate Programs

With Coursera learn from top companies, colleges and universities at just $39 per month. Start learning right away or pick your own schedule, learn at your own pace. Apply your new skills on hands-on projects that can be shared with recruiters and hiring managers.

Learners also earn a credential and get access to career support resources upon successful completion of the program. The following are some of the best professional coursera certificate programs from top companies and universities, including Google, IBM, UCI, SAS:

Professional Coursera Certificates 100% online

In this section of the post, each certificate program above is summarized to give learners the scope of the certificate and the other important information.

Reminder: All the certificates and courses we post on Online Courses Galore are 100% online. Therefore, just to remind the readers, these certificates are 100% online, one can start learning from anywhere and at any time. Just choose your schedule and stick by it.

Pick a certificate program from the following list, click on it and read the details.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

This is the best certificate program for anyone who wants to get into IT world. The certificate is designed to make the learners job ready for the entry level positions in IT support.

According to a report, IT support is projected to grow faster than the average of all the other occupations from 2016 to 2026. And, with professional certificate like this one, learners get an edge over the others.

The certification can be completed in 6 months by committing just 5 hours/week. This IT support professional has 27 interactive hands on labs that allow learners to practice the skills gained throughout the program.

Asof February 2024, the certification shows more than 144,000 learners already enrolled. And, by the time you see this post, this number would be changed.

After completion, learners can apply for the positions with these Hiring Partners: Bank of America, Best Buy, Cognizant, GE Digital, H&R Block, Hulu, Infosys, Intel, Sprint, The Home Depot, Walmart, Google and more.

To view the certificate please go here

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

This is one of the most in-demand Professional Coursera Certificates from Google. As of Februrary 2024, there are over 942,000 learners enrolled in this program. In this day and age, the success of any web application or a framework largely depends upon the User Experience (UX) it gives to the user. That is the reason companies stress on the design and user experience a lot during brainstorming sessions.

There are 100s of examples of companies that grew so fast, and largely it is due to the timeless thinking that goes inside the product. User experience is always the number 1 priority for such companies. The internet is growing exponentially and so is the list of companies that operate online. And, with this, the demand of Skillful individuals who are well versed in User experience design is also increasing.

So, to get hired by a fortune 500 company or a Top MNC, you need a certificate or a degree that confirms you have the knowledge of the skill. In such scenario, Google UX Design Professional Certificate increase your chances by manifolds.

Anyone who is looking to learn UX design, it is highly recommended that you consider taking a look at this profession certificate. The best part is, you need not to go outside to attend classes. All you require is a computer and the internet connection. And, you will be good to go.

So, start today, just go to the link below and sign up for the cert on Coursera. When you complete all the courses and assignments in the program, you get a shareable Professional Certificate that will make your case of getting hired for the job very strong.

To View the Certificate Please go here

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

According to one report, the average salary of a data scientist is $120,000/year. A truly a rewarding career path for future, isn’t it? If you are interested, get this certificate and start applying for the role in top organizations.

The best part is, if you can commit 12 hours/week to this program, the certification can be completed in just 3 months. Anyone can take this certification. No prior computer science, programming, or statistics knowledge required whatsoever.

This certification has been taken by more than 276,000+ learners already. After the completion, learners can apply for the positions with hiring partner, IBM.

To view the certificate please go here

UCI Project Management Professional Certificate

This certificate is aimed at the project management professionals who have 3-5 years of experience and aspiring to become project managers.

According to project management institute, the ones who hold the PMP credential earn 15% more than the ones who don’t.

This certificate is the ideal, go for it and climb the most important step of the ladder! If you can spare 8-10 hours per week for the certification, you can complete it in 6 months.

The program is 100% online, there is no requirement of attending conventional classrooms. Consider enrolling today and start learning to get yourself a project management professional certificate in next 6 months!

To view the certificate please go here

Cloud Architecture with GCP Professional Certificate

If you are looking for any of these positions, Cloud Architect, Junior Cloud Architect, Cloud Solutions Architect, Solutions Architect, and Cloud Engineer, consider getting this certification and advance your career in cloud architecture.

The program which takes about 1.5 months to complete at 5-6 hours week prepares you for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification.

Includes 18 projects throughout the whole program. The prerequisites for the certificate include: Command-line tools proficiency, experience of Linux operating system environments and systems operations.

Learners also required to have 3+ years of industry experience recommended for the certification exam. To learn more, consider going to the certification page here

To view the certificate please go here

Arizona State University TESOL Professional Certificate

Teach English at home or school, get a TESOL certificate from one of the best Universities of the United States, Arizona State University. The certificate meets all the guidelines outlined by TESOL the international association.

The course is apt for anyone who wants to teach English language globally. The course can be completed in just 8 months if you can devote 20 hours/week.

Again, like all the certificates in this post, this one is also 100% online. Set your own schedules and just stick by them, that is all you need.

The projects in the course include teaching philosophy, 10 lesson plans, 10 micro videos and important teacher tips. To learn more, consider visiting the certificate page

To view the certificate please go here

IBM Customer Engagement Specialist Professional Certificate

Another great certification for anyone who has no prior knowledge. One can start from scratch and earn the certificate to launch career in IT support.

These are roles one can apply for after completion of the certification: Customer Support Agent, Customer Relations Agent, Client Success Agent, Help Desk Agent, Field Sales Support Agent, Technical Support Agent, Desktop Support Agent, Patient Services Representative.

Learners can get complete this program in just 4 weeks of time by devoting just 4-5/week. Therefore, I highly recommend that you take this course and get this precious certificate from IBM.

There are more than 1590 learners enrolled in the program as of the day I write this post. The rating of the certification is 4.8/5 after 210+ ratings so far.

To view the certificate please go here

SAS Programmer Professional Certificate

This program prepares you for the SAS certified programming specialist role. Anyone can go ahead and enroll in this program, you learn everything from scratch.

Earn a SAS® Credential and launch your career. Gain the skills required for the SAS® Base Programmer and start applying for the roles in top organization.

To complete the program and earn the certification, you need to devote 14 hours/week for two months. Just pick your schedules and start learning.

The program includes 2 case studies, so apply the knowledge you gain in comprehensive projects as you learn. This program has already been taken by 34000+ learners

To view the certificate please go here

Data Engineering with GCP Professional Certificate

According to a research, data engineering is projected to grow by more than 38% with salaries going beyond $115,000/year. This is the best time for engineers to advance their career by enrolling in this Google Cloud Platform certification.

This certification enables you to apply for the these roles: Data Engineer, Technical Lead, Data Scientist, Technical Solutions Engineer, Data Analyst

One can complete the certification by devoting just 5 hours per week for 1.5 months. Please know this certification is for the learners who already posses some experience, to learn what is required, kindly see the certification page here

There are 22 projects in this program, therefore you can apply the skills learned throughout the program.

To view the certificate please go here

IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner Professional Certificate

According to Zip Recruiter, 84,000 open mainframe positions are expected by 2020! This presents a great opportunity, take this IBM certificate of z/OS mainframe practitioner and become job ready for the next opening you see.

After getting the certificate, learners become eligible for the following roles: Mainframe Systems Programmer, Mainframe Systems Administrator, Mainframe Application Developer, System Programmer, System Administrator, DBA Practitioner.

The best part is, there are no prerequisites for this certification, anyone can join the program. Since IBM is the creator and the hiring partner, you may end up getting a job in IBM.

To complete the certification all you need to do is devote just 3 hours/week for 3 months. If you like to go faster and slower, not a problem, just pick your schedule and stick by it.

To learn more, view the certificate over here

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

As per world economic forum, AI is expected to generate 50 million+ jobs in next few years alone. To meet such a huge demand, there needs to be ample need of AI professionals. It is highly recommended that you take the right step ahead and enroll in this program.

This Applied Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate enables you to apply for these roles: AI Developer, AI Application Developer, AI Builder, Chatbot Developer

The best part is, there is no requirement for the students to have prior knowledge of AI. By devoting 12 hours/week for 3 months, you learn everything.

This precious certificate from IBM puts you in a position to apply for the roles in top organizations including IBM. Therefore, consider enrolling now and get this certificate for the better future opportunities!

This program has already been taken by more than 2680 learners till now.

To view the certificate and learn more go here

Cloud Engineering with GCP Professional Certificate

In 2018, Forbes magazine mentioned that there is huge demand of cloud computing professionals worldwide. About 100,000 positions were open and the number is still somewhat same.

Entering this field at present times is really rewarding for the learners. Therefore, cloud engineering with GCP professional certificate is the best bet for anyone for career advancement.

The program can be completed in just 1.5 months by devoting 5 hours every week. After the completion, certified professionals can apply for the following roles: Cloud Engineer, Technical Lead, System Administrator, IT Manager, Technical Solution Engineer, Technical Support Associates.

This certificate is ideal for the engineers looking to advance their career in cloud computing and students preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

To learn more, please go here


Consider enrolling in above courses and get yourself a certificate from top universities and companies. Apply for the roles in top organizations with confidence, as the professional certificate you get from the above programs has a great value on your resume.

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