Skillshare vs Udemy

Hey everyone, in this post we cover everything about Skillshare vs Udemy in detail. We are going to give you the insight from learners perspective. This is going to be a side by side comparison about the things you get and don’t get with both. But, before we dive into the comparison, here’s a quick intro to both for those who are new to online learning sphere:

Skillshare: An online learning platform that is used by over 5 million learners around the world. Their classes are created by professionals, celebrities and people who have proven track record in the subject they teach.

Udemy: A leader in online learning space in terms of number of courses they have on the platform. Known for the best place to master a skill at a price of lunch. They are just behind Coursera (Leader in online learning space) in terms of number of learners using their platform.

With that brief above, we are good to move on to the comparison part now. So lets dive into it now.

Skillshare vs Udemy Side by Side Comparison

Founded in 2010Founded in 2009
Offers self paced classesOffers self paced online courses
Both free and paid classes are offered on the platformUdemy also offers free and paid courses
Free trial is offered in SkillshareNo free trial but 30 days of full refund option
Skillshare offers premium membership at nominal cost which gives learners access to all the classes on the platformThere is no such feature in Udemy at the moment
Offers 30,000+ classes on the platformUdemy has over 180,000 online courses, making them the number 1 online platform in terms of courses offered
Teachers on the platform are professional industry experts, celebritiesUdemy has over 45000+ instructors who are experts in their fields. Anyone with knowledge can publish a course on Udemy
Over 8 million learners use Skillshare as of August 2021As of August 2021, Udemy has over 55 million+ learners from all over the world
Skillshare paid membership is affordableUdemy courses are often available from $9.99 to $20, making them easy on pocket
Skillshare classes can be viewed offline with premium membership planUdemy courses can be downloaded on their app to make offline learning possible
Very nicely structured content, so you can jump back and forth as neededWell knitted lectures that can be skipped over as needed
After completing a class, learners get certificate of completionA certificate of completion in generated once you complete the course
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more. Udemy has a course on over 100+ topics. One can literally find course on any subject on the platform
Skillshare vs Udemy Comparison Table

Skillshare and Udemy Review System

Both Skillshare and Udemy allow learners to leave public review of the courses. One can easily read them without even logging in. This kind of adds to the trustworthiness of classes and courses being taught. In particular, Udemy is more aggressive in showcasing learners review of the courses.

The reviews on both the learning platforms look real, posted by real students who actually enrolled and finished the program. One thing which is different in Udemy is the option they give learners to review the course right after one lecture. Otherwise, the review system for both the platforms is trustworthy.

Additionally, both SkillShare and Udemy offer learners great discount. However, the frequency of such offers is lot less with SkillShare. They focus more on Free Trials so in this respect it is way different than Udemy. Instructors in Udemy can create exclusive coupon codes to promote their courses. However, we could not find such feature with SkillShare.

So that was the comparison between SkillShare and Udemy. If you find something missing here, please consider sending your tweets to us at @iOnlineCourses, we will be happy to include that in this post.


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