ChatGPT Courses Online

If you are interested in learning everything about ChatGPT, the advanced language model that has been making waves in the artificial intelligence world, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the best online courses available to help you master ChatGPT and its advanced features.

This list covers beginner friendly to advanced level ChatGPT courses. Whether you are a beginner or has some prior knowledge, you will find these courses very helpful. Anyone can take these courses from anywhere in the world. All the content is online. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop/Computer with internet access to enroll.


We have found the below mentioned ChatGPT online courses after thorough research. We considered the students feedback, the curriculum and easiness of learning from anywhere. Therefore, if you choose any of them, you will find them very helpful. And, please note, we get a small commission when you buy any of these courses through the links on this page.

Top ChatGPT Online Courses

Based on our research, there are several online courses available to help you learn and master ChatGPT. So without the further ado, here are some of the best ChatGPT courses available online in 2023:

ChatGPT 101 (Udemy)

Udemy has been a great platform for people to learn various skills. ChatGPT is also one of the skills that learns can master through this number 1 online learinng website.

If you are new to ChatGPT, this beginner’s course on Udemyby Peter Alkema is a great course for you. This course covers the basics of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Prompts, ChatGPT Smart Tips and much more.

The course has over 12,970 students enrolled, and the rating of the course is 4.1 out of 5 after 560+ reviews.

The length of the course is 15+ hours and there are 104 downloadbable resources that will help you big time.

The ChatGPT Ultimate Course: From Zero to Hero (Skillshare)

This is one of the most recommended courses by students. This ChatGPT course comes from Baraa Khatib Salkini, one of the best tech teachers on Skillshare. He’s the IT solutions architect with 10+ years of experience.

His comprehensive ChatGPT class on Skillshare covers everything you need to know to master ChatGPT from the ground up. The course includes 49+Lessons of video content. At the moment, this courses has 707 students.

Natural Language Processing with ChatGPT (Coursera)

This course on Coursera is designed for intermediate-level learners who want to develop their skills in natural language processing (NLP) using ChatGPT. The course covers topics such as text preprocessing, sentiment analysis, and text classification using ChatGPT.

This course has over 53,000 students enrolled and the feedback score of the course is 4.3/5 after 858 reviews.

This Coursera Specialization comes from DeepLearninigAI, the instructors in the program are: Younes Bensouda Mourri, Lukasz Kaiser, Eddy Shyu

If you go by the Course curricullum, you can easily complete this course in 35 hours.

ChatGPT Masterclass – Build Solutions and Apps with ChatGPT (Udemy)

This is a next level course that will make your life supercharged if you are into app development. Created by Henry Habib, this ChatGPT masterclass will teach you how to Integrate ChatGPT into no-code apps and solutions.

You will also learn and do the following:

  • How to use ChatGPT API
  • Learn how to create 6+ ChatGPT integrations
  • You will be building 4+ ChatGPT apps

The course is already taken by 10385+ students and the rating of the course is 4.6/5 after 1026+ reviews.


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