Reinforcement Learning Specialization on Coursera

There is a new specialization on Coursera for Reinforcement learning (View here). It is created by University of Alberta and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII). Learn all about adaptive learning systems to harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Experts at University of Alberta and AMII teach you how Reinforcement learning solutions help in solving real world problems via trial and error interaction.

Reinforcement Learning Specialization on Coursera

Consider looking at this amazing specialization which is 100% online and has flexible schedule! Start for free, you have 7 days of free access: Go here

More About Reinforcement Learning Specialization

The instructors who will be teaching you over the entire specialization are:

  • Martha White, Assistant Professor (Computing Science)
  • Adam White, Assistant Professor (Computing Science)

The specialization consists of 4 courses, and they are:

  • Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning
  • Sample-based Learning Methods
  • Prediction and Control with Function Approximation
  • A Complete Reinforcement Learning System (Capstone)

Those who can spare at least 4 hours in a week for this specialization, should easily complete it in 2-3 months. Having said that, there are no boundations, pick your own schedule and stick by it.

Prerequisites For RL Specialization

This is an intermediate level specialization, therefore, learners should know about: Probabilities & Expectations, basic linear algebra, basic calculus, Python 3.0 (at least 1 year) and implementing algorithms from pseudocode.

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