Global Skills Report 2021

Coursera recently published Global Skills Report that we would like to share with our audience. If you are looking to learn something new we encourage you to read that report and learn about the most in-demand skills world over. The best part is, anyone can access that report by filling up the form below.

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Download Global Skills Report

The Global Skills report analyzes skill trends for 100+ countries worldwide. Go ahead and download the report to check out the skill trends in your Country in 2021. Just follow the following steps to get to the report:

  • Go to this page
  • Click on “Get report”
  • A new page will open
  • Fill in the required fields carefully and finally click on “Download report”
  • That’s it

Alternatively, simply fill in this form to get the Global Skills Report PDF:

This copy of the report is also sent to the email id you provide in the form. So you can access it anytime from anywhere. We encourage you to supply your real email ID and correct information in the form. This will help Coursera better understand learners behavior.

The Basis of Global Skills Report

This 75 pages of global industries skills was generated by analyzing the proficiency of Coursera learners across 10 industries in a set of 26 skills in the Business, Technology, and Data Science domains. Each of these tracked industries reported great increase in requirement of tech skills due the lack of physical interaction induced by the pandemic.

The digital transformation of businesses due to pandemic was substantial. And, this transformation is going to stay that way for years to come. The following image from the global skills report shows the trending skills this year:

top trending skills report

As the world is going Digital, the Technology and data science skills are very important. However, they aren’t enough to achieve proficiency and best results. One also has to take a look at trending skills in the Business domain. As workers require a combination of tech skills, business enablers, and durable human skills. EMSI-Burning Glass refers to this combination of tech and business skills as “the new foundational skills” to be most effective in a digital economy.

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