Coursera turns 7 – Celebrate seven years of learning

The largest platform for online learning, Coursera, turns 7 this month. Founded in April 2012, this organization has come a long way! We are very proud to be one of their many associates. This article looks at the stats of this incredible website and some of the top courses and specializations.

Those who already know about Coursera must already be knowing a lot, but if you are new to it, consider reading this post in full!

Coursera celebrates 7 years of learning and teaching

Coursera Stats as of April 2019

Following are the staggering numbers for the biggest platform for online learning:

  • 40 million learners from the globe
  • 4.8 million people have earned a course certificate on Coursera
  • 83% of people saw great results for their careers after learning from the content on Coursera
  • 72% of the Coursera Learners say they have become very confident after undertaking coursera content
  • 3000+ Courses, 100s of Specializations and more than 15 degrees, all 100% online
  • Collaborations with top companies, Universities, Colleges and Organisations

Apart from the above key numbers, there are many more stats to list, i would rather want you to learn about them on your own Over here

Most Popular Coursera Courses

All of the content on Cousera comes from top resources, hence, the quality of the content is always 100%. Since we are celebrating 7 years of Coursera, we have made this list of most popular and best selling Coursera courses and Specializations:

AI For Everyone

This course comes from, here are the stats: Rating: 4.8/5 after 2135 ratings|Launched in: 2019

The Science of Well Being

This course comes from Yale University, its one of the highest rated and most popular courses on Coursera till date!
Rating: 4.9/5 after 1751 ratings|Launched in: 2018

Deep Learning Specialization

This is one of the best top specializations on Coursera, comes from, the co-founder of Coursera Andrew NG is the instructor along with other top industry experts!
Rating: 4.9/5 |Launched in: 2017

Functional Programming in Scala Specialization

This was launched in 2016 by EPFL and is a 5 course Specialization. You must look at it if you have intermediate knowledge of the subject!
Rating: 4.6/5 |Launched in: 2016

To see the dedicated page containing all the top specializations and courses on Coursera, please visit this page

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