Back-End and Front-End New Professional Certificates From Meta

A few days back, Meta launched its highly anticipated Front-End Developer Professional Certificate and Back-End Developer Professional Certificate on Coursera.

meta backend and frontend professional certificates on coursera

The best part is, these new entry-level professional certs are beginners friendly, so they require no previous experience or education. These programs are designed to teach learners job-ready skills for an in-demand career in just 7 months.

And once learners complete these certificates, they get access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board, a job search platform that connects completers with 200+ employers who have committed to sourcing talent through Meta’s certificate programs, and career support resources.

These new professional certificates pave the way for entirely new paths into the in-demand fields of frontend and backend development. We recommend our readers to do take a look at these professional certificates if they have interest in this field.

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

This one is a 9 courses program, designed by the software engineering experts at Meta. It will prepare learners for a career as a front-end developer. Each course in the cert is important, and only after the completion of all the courses you will get the certificate.

This certificate program teaches in-demand coding skills using:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Figma in addition to design skills for building professional page layouts.

Learners will build portfolio projects to demonstrate their learning and receive coding interview support.

As of October 2022, this certificate has 46,980+ enrolments.

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Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate

The backend developer professional certificate is a 10-course program, designed by the software engineering experts at Meta. It will prepare the beginner-level learners for an entry-level career as a back-end developer. Just take each course as it is presented in the program in order to get the Cert.

This is what you learn with the Certificate:

  • Python Syntax
  • Linux commands
  • SQL and MySQL
  • Django web frameworks
  • Programming problem solving skills

Learners will build a professional portfolio to demonstrate their learning and prepare for technical interviews for back-end developer roles. As of October 2022, this certificate has been taken by 25,500+ learners globally.

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Like we have mentioned above once you have any of the Meta Professional Certs you get access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board, and eventually the opportunity to apply with 200+ employers who have committed to source talent through Meta’s certificate programs.

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