Top IT and Networking Courses Online

If you are looking for online IT and Networking Courses, consider taking  look at the courses we share in this article. We got these courses from various online learning platforms. And, the quality of the courses is top notch, you will find them very in-depth.

The best part is, anyone from anywhere can enroll in these IT and Networking courses at anytime! One can start and stop at learning from these online classes at will. This kind of liberty let’s those people master skills who have limited time because of their busy jobs.

Best Online IT and Networking Courses

The following are some of the best selling and highly rated online IT and Networking courses. Do check them out, if you find them suitable, consider enrolling

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

Complete networking course for beginners

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This is one of the best courses for you to learn about networking. This course will help you  kick start your journey to CCNA.

You learn the following:

  • Describes network fundamentals and help students build simple LANs.
  • Explains sub-netting and IP addressing
  • Describes routers, switches, and hubs.
  • Explains the OSI model
  • Explains name resolution using DNS

The course has 37,640+ ratings and 181,611 students enrolled. The URL of the course is

IT Security and Ethical Hacking

IT security & ethical hacking course

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This course helps students to learn the fundamentals of IT Security and Ethical Hacking. Those who are looking to become certified ethical hackers will find this course extremely helpful.

The lectures included in the course teach the tools, techniques, and principles that are needed to be successful in the “Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures” test.

On completing this course, learners  will have an overall understanding of ethical hacking and its different concepts.

The course has 110,840+ ratings and 535,070+ students enrolled. If you want to know more, please go to the course page.

Windows Server 2012 System Administration: Get an IT Job

Windows Server 2012 System Administration: Get an IT Job

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This course aims to teach Systems Administration.

The course teaches:

  • The techniques of working with virtual technology
  • Know how VMs operate
  • Learn how to manage computer and user accounts in Active Directory
  • How to deploy software to workstations on the domain with Group Policy
  • How to control workstation and users with Group Policy

The course is very popular, has 930 ratings and 9102 students enrolled. Those who are interested to know more about the course can click on

IT Networking Fundamentals: CompTIA Network+

IT Networking Fundamentals: CompTIA Network+ 2015

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This course helps you learn Network+, by comprehending the techniques of building, protecting, and managing the critical asset which is the data network.

This course allows learners to expand their knowledge on different concepts of Network+. On completion of this course, learners become familiar with the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, IPv7, addressing, and every core concept that a network professional would need to know.

The course has 303 ratings and 4783 students enrolled. The URL that provides all information about this course is

MTA: Networking Fundamentals – Exam: Microsoft 98-366

MTA: Networking Fundamentals - Exam: Microsoft 98-366

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Another great course for learners that helps you learn the fundamentals of Networking.

Here’s what you learn:

  • Helps in understanding network topologies
  • Teaches how to set up a small office switch or router
  • Helps in comprehending VPN concepts
  • Teaches how to configure fundamental wireless settings
  • Helps in applying security concepts
  • Teaches how firewalls work
  • Helps in understanding the OSI model
  • Teaches how to do basic sub-netting
  • Teaches how to perform simple troubleshooting tasks

This course has 129 ratings and 992 students enrolled. If you want to know more about this course, here’s the URL

Bonus Networking Courses

  • CCNA 200-301 ExamPrep Live Sessions – View here (Pearson)
  • Training For CCNA Wireless – View here (Udemy)

Final Thoughts

The above IT and Networking courses make you learn the most in-demand skills at the comfort of your home. The price of the of these online courses is  very budget friendly. And, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we often email our subscribers when the price of these courses go down.

So, consider looking at the above online IT and networking classes to build your professional profile. Don’t forget to bookmark it so you can come back to it later on as we add more resources to it.

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