New CompTIA Specialization Certs on Coursera

The following new CompTIA specialization Certs on Coursera are designed for beginners. And after completion, learners will equip themselves with the foundational knowledge and hands-on skills for network technicians and information security. If this is something you want to be, consider enrolling in these programs for a better future.

CompTIA A+ cyber and network specializations

CompTIA A+ Cyber Specialization – View

Through this specialization, learners will discover the challenges and opportunities of an entry-level career as a cybersecurity support specialist. This specialization equips you with the fundamentals of cybersecurity and prepares you to start training for the CompTIA Security+ certification.

Following are the courses in this three courses CompTIA A+ specialization:

  • Computer Security Support Fundamentals
  • Network Security Support Fundamentals
  • Application Security Support Fundamentals

If you can spare 9 hours per week, you can easily finish this specilization in less than one month. And after the completion, you will get a professional certificate which can be shared on LinkedIn and on your resume. Since this professional certificate comes from CompTIA, it will add a lot of value to your profile.

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CompTIA A+ Network Speciliazation – View

This is the best specialization to get started learning the fundamentals of network technology. Through CompTIA A+ Network specialization you will learn the skills like network installation, support and application support. The best part is, you will be prepared to begin training for CompTIA Network+ certification after the completion.

This is a Three Courses Specialization with Following Courses:

  • Network Installation Fundamentals
  • Network Support Fundamentals
  • Application Security Support Fundamentals

Like the first one, CompTIA A+ Network Specialization can be completed in less than one month by dedicating just 9 hours every week. After the completion, you get the Professional Cert which can be shared on LinkedIn and the employers. Mind you, this cert will hold weightage on your resume.

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If you have any questions regarding these CompTIA specializations, please contact us today. We shall get back to you ASAP. And, if you would like to take multiple courses on Coursera, we recommend that you sign up for Coursera Plus membership. By paying for the membership, you will get access to over 80% of Coursera courses.



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