New and Noteworthy Coursera Courses

New and Noteworthy Coursera Courses

Hey everyone, if you are looking to learn new skills there can’t be a better online platform to learn from than Coursera. And, in this post I share with you the new and noteworthy Coursera Courses and Specializations that you can consider.

These futuristic and highly in-demand programs can be taken from anywhere in the world. The best part is, you require no prior knowledge of the subject! Learners will learn everything from scratch, so do take a look.

Before we proceed with the list of new courses, here’s a little insight about Coursera:

  • Number one online learning platform
  • Over 40 million learners from the globe
  • 100% Online Content
  • Powerful Course Completion Certificates
  • Partnerships with leading organizations, Universities, Colleges and companies
  • Highly educated and experienced Instructors
  • Affordable to suit your budget
  • Financial Aid also available
  • 7 Days of Free Trial on Specializations

New Coursera Courses and Specializations

The following Coursera programs are quite new, you may want to check them out. If you would like to enroll in multiple programs, consider using Coursera Plus subscription to take as many Coursera Courses and Specialization you wish by a paying one time fee.

To learn more about these new programs, simply click on the name of Course provider and you will be taken the the respective landing page.

If you have any questions about the above list, do let us know through our Contact Us page. Also, please know, we have a partnership with Coursera, so whenever you take a paid program, we may get some commission.

Why should I consider Coursera for online learning?

This question is asked on numerous occasions on various platforms and many who have used their platform answered it beautifully. Since you are reading this post, our answer is pretty much clear from the points we have mentioned in the beginning of this post.

To add more, we would like you to take a look at the reviews of learners. Each review is more of a story, as to how much the course or specialization has helped the individual. Apart from that, see the kind of Partnerships they have with World class Universities, Colleges, Companies and Organizations.

No leading brand will associate with brand that has no value. Coursera is the leader in Online education sphere, there are no second thoughts about it.

Whether you want to learn a technical skill, business skill or any other in-demand skill, you learn them all under single platform.

If you want to take a look at their popular programs, you can read this post


Anyone who is looking to strengthen their resume for better opportunities should keep learning new skills. And, the best platform to learn is none other than Coursera. So, do consider a course today and start working towards the betterment of your professional career.


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