Learn A to Z of Metaverse with Self-Paced Online Courses

Introduction To Metaverse & How To Invest In It

This is a self paced class from Skillshare created by Ali Matar, a digital entrepreneur.

Metaverse Masterclass

This is one of the first courses created about Metaverse and is hosted on Udemy. Learn Everything from scratch

Virtual Reality Specialization

This Virtual Reality Specialization comes from the University of London and is offered on Coursera

Start Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Metaverse Business

if you are interested in Business side of things in Metaverse, this is your class.

Why you should learn Metaverse?

First came Web 1.0, then came Web 2.0 and now is the time of Web 3.0. It is the future and there is no reason not to learn it

How Virtual Reality Works

In this course, you will explore the basics of virtual reality software through copying and modifying JavaScript to explore tradeoffs in VR application design

Self Paced Learning

The courses we have shared in this list are self-paced, you can learn from them anytime and from anywhere.

Jobs and Salary

After gaining the skills required for Metaverse, one can apply for job in top MNCs. The salaries for such jobs is very high.