Metaverse For Beginners

Metaverse is the most trending topic these days and it is going to stay that way for years to come. To help people learn everything about it, we have curated a list of online courses on Metaverse. Anyone from anywhere can enroll in these courses and learn everything about it. Do check them out below and also share with your friends.

metaverse online courses

If we look back, Metaverse joined the list of hottest new words of 2021, as Facebook changed its Business name to Meta. Along with Facebook, NVIDIA also made big announcements and have already stepped into the Metaverse. The list is only growing, as tech giants Google, Microsoft, Epic Games, and Intel have also started working towards it.

According to research agencies, Metaverse market is going to be $42 billion by 2026. And, by the end of 2021, the valuation of Metaverse is at $6 billion. Huge, isn’t it? With this increasing demand, the demand of AR/VR skilled professionals is only going to sky rocketed. So it is important that you already start building those skills before hand.

And, as we discuss this, popular online Education platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare already teaching learners Metaverse. And, through the following list, you can take a look at those self paced courses.

Metaverse Courses Online For Beginners

Introduction To Metaverse & How To Invest In It

This is a self paced class from Skillshare created by Ali Matar, a digital entrepreneur. In the courses, there are 8 lessons. The overall length of the course is 33 minutes. A short but great class to learn everything about Metaverse as a beginner.

Here’s what this Metaverse class covers:

  • Introduction to Metaverse
  • Journey to Web 3.0
  • Why People Will Adapt to Metaverse
  • The relation between NFTs and Metaverse
  • Investing in the Metaverse

It is an ideal course take if you are interested in learning more about Metaverse from beginners perspective. As of December 22nd, 2021, this Skillshare class has 269 enrollments

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Metaverse Masterclass

This is one of the first courses created about Metaverse and is hosted on Udemy. This is a self-paced online course that cover everything there is to learn about Metaverse. The total length of the course is 3 hours. The instructor of the course is Henrique Centieiro (Blockchain Expert). The course covers the following topics:

  • What is Metaverse?
  • How NFTs are Unlocking the Potential of Metaverse
  • Shapes of Metaverse
  • Interfaces of Metaverse
  • Asset Classes
  • How Web 3.0, Blockchain, Gaming changing the internet
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Extended Reality
  • Industries disrupted by the Metaverse
  • Investing in Metaverse

The course has already been taken by 461 learners and the rating of the course is 4.4/5.

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Virtual Reality Specialization

Though it does not directly talk about Metaverse, but it covers the larger aspect Virtual Reality. This Virtual Reality Specialization comes from the University of London and is offered on Coursera. Taking this 5 courses Specialization will educate learners about Fundamentals of VR, Its history, hardware, applications, challenges and its psychology.

Here’s what you gain from the Specialization:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual World
  • Interaction Design
  • 3D Computer Graphics

It is a 100% online beginners friendly program that can be taken by anyone. The instructors of the course are; Dr Sylvia Xueni Pan and Dr Marco Gillies. Currently, 29,272 students have already enrolled and the rating of the program is 4.7/5 after 871 reviews.

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Start Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Metaverse Business

Another course that you should look at if you are interested in Business side of things in Metaverse. Through this course, you will learn everything about starting AR and VR Metaverse Business. The instructor of the course is Alex Genadinik, a vastly experienced bestselling Udemy Instructor.

The length of the course 4.5 hours and the rating is 4.6/5. As of December 22nd, 4,175 students have taken the course.

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