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Raspberry pi online courses on udemy

Raspberry Pi: Full Stack: This is a whirlwind tour of “full-stack” web application development on Raspberry Pi.

The course teaches:    

  • How to set up the minimal “Raspbian” operating system to the RPi.
  • How to install a Python virtual environment
  • How to install and use Flask (a Python-based web micro-framework)
  • How to install and use Nginx light-weight web server
  • How to install and use uWSGI as an application server for Flask
  • How to install and Use SQLite database
  • How to use a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
  • How to use the RPi GPIOs as digital output and input

This course has 412 ratings on Udemy and 6914 students have enrolled in it so far.

If you need more information about this course, you can click on the URL

Introduction to Raspberry Pi: This course helps a student learn the techniques of creating hardware and software projects using Python and Raspberry Pi.

The course teaches:

  • How to use Raspberry Pi to develop a totally functional computer that runs on Raspbian OS.
  • How to get up to speed with the Python programming language and simple Linux commands.
  • How to write a Python program for developing a basic number guessing game.
  • How to write Python code for controlling the Raspberry Pi Hardware.
  • How to light up a Christmas tree with detailed light patterns with the use of the Raspberry Pi hardware for control.

The course has 199 ratings and 4789 students enrolled. If you are interested about this course, you can click on the course URL

Hands on Internet of Things: Get started with a Raspberry Pi:  This course helps a learner become a superstar of Internet of Things in just a few hours.

The course teaches:

·         What Internet of Things is?

·         The fundamentals about IoT devices

·         How to write software for reading sensors and creating data

·         How to send data to well-known IoT endpoints

·         Techniques of building one’s own endpoints for capturing and storing data

·         Techniques of building custom dashboards for IoT data

·         How to invent new products by the application of IoT knowledge

·         How to solve problems in day-to-day life with technology

The course has 97 ratings in Udemy and has 4536 students enrolled.

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From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things:    This course helps a student enjoy the usage of Raspberry Pi by understanding the Internet of Things and doing home automation projects.

The course teaches:

·         What physical computing and Internet of Things are.

·         A to Z of Raspberry Pi

·         Usage of Raspberry Pi in home automation

·         The differences of various IoT applications and how to visualize the components required to  build them

·         How to do smart things like controlling home switches with smartphones

The course comes with 7 hours of on-demand video and 38 supplemental resources. The course has 85 ratings and 1923 students enrolled.

Those who are interested about this course can click on the course URL which is

Homebaked | Raspberry Pi + Django Home Server: This course enables a student build a local or home networked server with the help of a Django-powered web application for creating a local-network-only app.

The course teaches:

  • The techniques of building a local networked server with the help of Raspberry Pi3 Model B.
  • The details about Django-powered web application
  • The techniques of setting up Apache2 on a Linux system
  • How to create a “home automation hub” with Python and Raspberry Pi.
  • Techniques of installing an OS on Raspberry Pi.

The course has 76 ratings and 9418 students enrolled. If you want to know more about this course, you can click on the URL

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