Learn JavaScript in 1 hour with John Bura

If you are looking to learn JavaScript from scratch, consider taking a look at John Bura’s tutorial. Through this 1 hour course which consists of 15 lessons, the instructor helps you master the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Over 16,325 students have enrolled in the course at time I am writing this post. Those who have completed the course have rated it 4.3/5 after 250+ reviews.

I highly recommend that you enroll in this simple and straight forward JavaScript tutorial.

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More about this course

The instructor of the course is John Bura, an extremely popular instructor with over 15 years of experience. He’s also the founder of Mammoth Interactive, a game development studio.

This amazing instructor has contributed to 40 commercial games that rank in top 10 on App store. Learning something from instructor of such caliber would mean a lot for your professional career.

Here’s what you learn from the course

  • Basics of JavaScript syntax
  • How to think like a programmer
  • How to create basic JavaScript functions
  • The uses of Javascript in real world
  • How to earn more as JavaScript developer

To learn more, consider looking at the course here

Nice brief intro to browser based JS sufficient to read simple code and write basic functionality.

Alex P.


Those who are looking to lean JS from scratch should take this course. You require no prior knowledge of the subject to start learning from it. All that you need is the willingness to learn and computer with decent internet connection.


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