Master Docker With These Online Courses

Want to master Docker? Consider looking at the courses we have collected in this article. You can start and stop at any time, without rules. So, if you are someone who has a day job, and hardly get time to attend daily classes, these courses are for you.

You also get a forum within the course where you can discuss the issues directly with the instructor or the other students.

Master docker with online courses
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Master Docker With These Classes

Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

This is one of the best selling docker courses on the internet. With this course you will learn to build, compose, deploy, and manage Docker containers from development to DevOps based Swarm clusters.

Course Instructor:  Bret Fisher

Feedback Score:  4.7/5 after 2824 ratings

Number of Students: 16,500+ students

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Content:  This self paced class consists of 84 lectures, 16 articles and 3 supplemental resources. The total length of this  course is 8 hours.

Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On

If you are an absolute beginner, this is probably the only course you will ever need. This Docker class is very new and already becoming popular with the kind of content it offers.  The instructor of the course teaches you with hands on coding exercises.

Course Instructor:  Mumshad Mannambeth

Feedback Score:  4.6/5 after 132 ratings

Number of Students: 6,000+ enrollments so far!

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Content:  With this online class you get assignments, 28 coding exercises, and a lot more. The length of the course is 2.5 hours.

Docker For Beginners to Advanced 2017- with Hands on Project

Another gem of a docker course for users of all levels. You not only get root level knowledge but everything else as well. The instructor of this course aims to teach you Docker in 10 days.

Course Instructor:  M. J. Wani

Feedback Score:  4.5/5 after 154 ratings

Number of Students: 1,050+ enrollments

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Content:  With this class consists you get assignments, 28 coding exercises, and lot more. The length of the course is 2.5 hours.

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