Andre Agassi Tennis Course

Andre Agassi has a Udemy course on tennis skills, he launched it in year 2016. The course became instant hit, getting great numbers.  With this course, the former world’s number one American tennis player shares all his experience! This professional tennis course is apt for the young learners.

Andre Agassi Udemy Course on Tennis
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Andre Agassi course stats

Number of Students Enrolled: 11815

Feedback Score: 4.4/5 (Total Reviews 3000+)

Course Created by: Andre Agassi himself

Course Length: 1 hour

Link to the Course:  View here

Should you take this course?

Before we say anything,  kindly take a look at the following image and know what will you get from this course exactly

The course curriculum

Andre Agassi, the name is sufficient for us to recommend this course to anyone who wants to level up their tennis skills. The champion tennis player has so many records under his name, 1996 Olympic gold medal, won Australian open 4 times, long unbeaten streaks and what not.

If you are getting a chance to learn from the man himself, we don’t think there is anything like it. See the kind of experience he brings to this on demand 1 hour course. Its totally unmatchable. What you learn from this course will certainly make you a better Athlete.

Apart from 1 hour video lessons, you will also get 8 articles and 8 supplement resources all by Andre Agassi himself.  On top of all this, the course remains yours for lifetime. You can come back to it anytime and from anywhere.

Why Andre Agassi chose Udemy?

In one of his interviews with Guardian, Andre Agassi said, he launched this course with a philosophy that the teaching should be available widely to everyone and Udemy is a great platform with huge reach.

At this point, we would like to let everyone know that Andre Agassi has been educating kids through his foundation as well. He has  educated more than 38,000 plus kids nationally, the numbers keep growing every year.

In this online tennis training, the former Olympic gold medalist takes learners through his own tennis psychology, like how he handled himself in the court and how he didn’t let the victory or defeat into his head. He also teaches the youngsters that the improvement can not be determined by the victory or defeat.

All in all this is the right course or tennis training that can help you level up not only your tennis skills but also how you conduct yourself on and off the field.

Disclaimer: We like to clarify here that we did not know about this course until few days back. We arrived at it through online research back in 2017. Since the course is very good, we thought about sharing it on our website so it can reach tennis learners.

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