All About LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is one of the oldest and most trusted eLearning platforms on the internet. Their training courses are self paced and divided into three main categories; Business, Creative and Technology. 

It is one of the largest online education websites with over 14,000 training courses. Millions of students are mastering futuristic skills on the platform. The best part is, learners get 30 days of free trial, you may want to check that out.

LinkedIn learning online courses

To login to LinkedIn learning, you don’t have to create a separate account, just use your LinkedIn profile and complete these steps.

More about LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning comes from top professional networking website LinkedIn. Formerly, the website went by the name, it was acquired by LinkedIn in 2017 and recently renamed it as LinkedIn Learning.

The courses on the platform are divided in to three main categories and they are:

  • Business
  • Creative
  • Technology

Business category hosts courses on subjects like: Leadership and Management, Professional Development, Human Resources, Finance, Customer Service, MarketingView all

Creative Category has courses on topics like: Web Designing, Photography, Motion Graphics, UI, AEC, Audio & Music, Animation etc

Technology Category hosts courses on subjects like: Cloud computing, Computer Networking, Data Science, DBMS, Web Development, Software Development, Programming, IT etc

Each LinkedIn course comes with a certification of completion. And I personally believe, this certificate is going to have a great value on your resume.

Instructors on the platform

The instructors on LinkedIn learning are the experienced professionals already working with top notch organizations. The experience they bring into their teaching is extremely beneficial for learners.

Each instructor on the platform has a professional LinkedIn profile which students can audit before taking the course. Isn’t it great?

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Affordable?

The courses on the website are affordable for sure. The best part, you get a free month to start learning, grab it here. If you have a LinkedIn Premium or above membership, you get LinkedIn learning for free with unlimited access to all the training courses.

If you are not interested to go for the subscription, you can buy courses individually as well.

One of the courses I saw a few days back was available under $40. Which is not that costly considering the subject and the experience of the instructor.


LinkedIn Learning is a great medium to gain new skills online. The courses offered, price and the value of the certificate definitely make me recommend them to learners. Therefore, do go ahead and check them out.

To login, just use your LinkedIn account, that is all 🙂



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