Become a Successful Self Publisher With These Online Courses

Want to become a sucessful self publisher? If yes, you will find the courses we list in this article very useful. The instructors of theses courses are very popular names in self publishing arena. Learning from these professionals will certainly help you become a successful self publisher!

become successful self publisher with online courses
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Top Courses for Aspiring Self Publishers

Self-Publishing: Beginner to Advanced – The Complete Course by Ian Stables

This is one of the best self publishing courses on the internet at the moment. With this course you will learn the advance methods for everything right from book idea, writing, editing and selling. Ian Stables makes sure to cover every aspect of self publishing in this course

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Course stats:

  • 5,089 subscribers currently
  • Feedback score 4.5/5 after 43 ratings
  • 4 hours of on demand video, total 65 lectures
  • 1 article

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“Write. Publish. Repeat” Conversations  by The Smarter Artist

Another gem of a course for aspiring self publishers, it is currently holding the best selling batch on Udemy. This course is a no luck required guide to Self-Publishing Success. If you are looking to get into this field, consider looking at it!

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Course stats:

  • Total 3,186 subscribers at the moment
  • Feedback score 4.4/5 after 337 ratings
  • 8 hours of on demand video with 30 lectures in total

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7 Proven Steps to Self-Publishing by Daniella Blechner

This is a new but highly rated and recommended course to learn self publishing. The instructor of this course teaches you in the best way possible. By the end of this course, you will be able very confident about publishing your book your own way!

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Course stats:

  • 14 subscribers currently
  • Feedback score 4.9/5 after 8 ratings
  • 2.5 hours of on demand video consisting of 8 lectures
  • 7 supplemental resources

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Other Best Self Publishing Courses

  • Become an Author: Write Self-Publish & Sell Books on Amazon by Louise Ann Maurice
  • Self-Publish Your Children’s Book – From Start to Finish by Tim Johnson

About Udemy Courses

All the Udemy courses we list here are comprehensive, once you enroll in them, you get lifetime access. You also get a certification of completion after finishing the course.

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