Complete Data Science Bootcamp by 365 Careers

If you are looking for a complete data science course online, that teaches you everything from scratch, consider looking at this complete data science bootcamp. Created by 365 Careers and hosted with Udemy.

If you are working from home or are laid off because of Covid19, use this free time to learn a new skill. Data Science is the hottest skill to posses in 2020 and beyond. So, consider learning this skill for a better future.

I believe this is the only data science training you will ever need to master the skill.

This DS bootcamp covers Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine Learining & Deep Learning. Basically all that you need to become a master of Data Science!

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More About Data Science Bootcamp

This is the only most up to date Data science bootcamp on the internet at the moment. Creators updated the course in March 2020, just a few days back. Courses that get regular updates are really the ones you should go for. The reason for that is very simple, new updates essentially cover the new developments being made to the subject.

The best part is, all the new updates to this course come at no extra cost to you. Therefore, you can enroll in the course at any time without having to worry about paying extra for new content.

Apt Data Science Training

This complete data science training bootcamp is apt for anyone who is starting from scratch. It covers all the topics from beginning.

All you need to have is, the will to learn and the following:

  • A computer with internet
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Anaconda Installation  (A step by step guide is provided)

That’s it! If you have the above, just go ahead and enroll in the course, this could well be a career changing skill for you.

Here are the stats:

Following are some of the quick stats of complete data science bootcamp. These stats will change over time, it’s best to view the real time numbers by going here. So here are the stats at the stats we as of today:

  • 225,100+ subscribers
  • Feedback score 4.5/5 after 49740+ ratings
  • 28.5 hours of on demand video
  • Total 270 lectures
  • 149 downloadable resources, 90 articles


The course is pretty impressive, anyone who wants to learn data science must give it a go. The best part is, the course is coming to you at a pocket friendly price.

Hope you find this post helpful, we look forward to add more courses like this future as well. To get the regular updates, please follow us on Twitter @iOnlineCourses.