Self Driving Cars Specialization by University of Toronto

University of Toronto is offering Self Driving Cars specialization to online learners. This series of 4 courses is available through Coursera only. If you want to be at the forefront of Autonomous driving industry, consider taking a look at this amazing specialization (View).

According to predictions of market researchers, the autonomous driving industry is going to be $42 billion by 2025. And, more than 20 million self driving cars would have hit the roads by that time. This clearly indicates a major jobs boom in the autonomous driving industry.  And, this specialization from University of Toronto is just what the learners need to become job ready!

The best part is, all of it is 100% online, you do not have to attend the conventional classrooms.

Note: You get 7 days of free trial for this specialization, and, if you pay the fees in advance you get 10% discount Read more..

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More About Self Driving Cars Specialization

The self driving cars specialization comes from University of Toronto in partnership with Coursera.  At the time of writing this post, the numbers of enrollments in the specialization are 72,000+.

The instructors of the specialization are:

  • Steven Waslander, Associate Professor, Aerospace Studies
  • Jonathan Kelly, Assistant Professor, Aerospace Studies

Consists of 4 courses

  • Introduction to Self-Driving Cars – Consists of 7 modules, total 57 videos, 31 readings and 10 quizzes
  • State Estimation and Localization for Self-Driving Cars – This course is covered in 5 modules, total 35 videos, 19 readings and 7 quizzes
  • Visual Perception for Self-Driving Cars – This course contains 3 videos, 3 readings and 6 quizzes through 6 modules
  • Motion Planning for Self-Driving Cars  – This is the shortest of all courses in the specialization with just 3 modules. You will get 3 videos, 3 readings and 2 quizzes

By spending about 13 hours a week, learners can easily complete the specialization in 2 months.

Who should take this specialization?

This is an advanced level specialization, ideal for the people who have knowledge of linear algebra, probability, statistics, calculus, physics, control theory, and Python programming.

If you have such background, consider enrolling in Self driving cars specialization today to start your journey to becoming autonomous vehicle engineer.

After successful completion of the specialization, you will get a certificate, the value of the certificate is going to be huge in the job market. Make sure to fulfill all the conditions, have an aim for the certificate!


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