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Domestika courses are becoming extremely popular among learners for learning creative skills. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, this online education platform offers various online learning programs. Those who are looking to learn new skills from top creators must look at their professionally produced courses.

In this article, we share everything about Domestika, right from the topics they cover to the reviews and its audience.

Domestika courses
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This fastest growing community of best creative experts was founded in 2017. It started off as an online forum where like minded creative professionals shared knowledge with each other. And, eventually, it turned into a full fledged online learning platform.

What is the USP of Domestika?

The USP of Domestika is in-house teachers and their professionally set rosters. This kind of separates them from all other online learning platforms. All the courses on the platform are produced in-house, to ensure learners have the high-quality online learning experience.

Apart from the above, this is what you get with Domestika

  • Life time access to the courses you sign up for
  • Self-Paced courses, so you can start and stop as per your convenience
  • Most courses on the platform have subtitles in Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian and French
  • You also have the options to choose the language of the course. For example, if a course has two audios English and Spanish, you can easily swap between them at will
  • Dedicated Forum section inside the courses where learners can interact with the teacher and fellow students
  • Downloading of the courses is allowed with their app so offline learning is supported
  • You can play the courses on Smart TV as well by using Chromecast. Overall, you will have great learning experience
  • When all the units of a course are completed, learners get certificate of attendance to the course

What can you learn on Domestika?

Domestika is popular for their Creative Skills courses. Each course in the platform belongs to a topic or a category, so users can easily find what they want. Currently, the following categories are showcased on their website:

  • Illustration
  • Craft
  • Design
  • 3D & Animation
  • Calligraphy & Typography
  • Writing
  • Marketing & Business
  • Photography & Video
  • Architecture & Spaces
  • Web & App Design
  • Fashion
  • Music and Audio

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Best Courses on Domestika

The platform offers 100s of great courses for learners. Down below is the list of some of the best ones this community has to offer. Do check it out and let your buddies know about them. You can also gift them to your friends and family. So, without a further ado, here’s the list:

To view all the top rated and best selling Domestika Courses, please go here.

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