Heads up: Start any Coursera Specialization for free

Just wanted to communicate with our readers that, you can start any of the coursera specializations for free until 31st of October 2018! This free access to all the specializations is a great opportunity for learners to explore what Coursera has to offer.

Consider grabbing this offer, perform quick assessment, and zero in on the specialization you would like to enroll in.  Another point to be noted is, you get 10% off discount on advance payment of a specialization!

Start with best selling coursera specializations

We have discovered some of the best selling coursera specializations for our learners to save them time. Consider looking at them below, they are created by top universities and organizations from the globe:

  • Deep Learning  by Deep learning institution – View here

  • Data Science by John Hopkins University – View here

  • Python for Everybody by University of Michigan – View here

  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate by Google – View here

  • Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business by Duke University – View here

  • The Science of Well-Being Course by Yale University – View here

  • Machine Learning Course by Stanford University – View here

  • G Suite Administrator Fundamentals Course  – View here

  • Business Fundamentals by Wharton – View here

  • Applied Data Science with Python by University of Michigan – View here

  • Architecting with Google Cloud Platform `- View here

  • Excel Skills for Business by Macquarie University – View here

  • Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business by Duke University – View here

  • Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals by Duke University – View here

  • Business Analytics by Wharton University of Pennsylvania – View here
  • Graphic Design by CALARTS – View here

  • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by McMaster University, University of California San Diego – View here

  • Statistics with R by Duke University – View here

If you would like to view all the courses and specializations on Coursera, please go here.

Coursera specializations for free

New to Coursera? Here’s a little insight:

If you are new to coursera, you will find the following information helpful:

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  • Well structured courses and specializations, you won’t find it burdensome to complete your study
  • Issues invaluable certificates, you can add them to your resume and LinkedIn profiles

Hope, this is enough to explain how good Coursera can be for your career goals.


The free trial of Coursera specialization and courses is a great opportunity, you should grab it with both hands. Explore the content, perform quick audit, if you are happy pay in advance and get 10% off.  Use the free trial in a best way possible 🙂

Learn from the best Universities and Organizations on Coursera. And, If you are not impressed, you can simply decide not to continue beyond free trial!

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