iOS sale on Udemy Goes Live

There  is an iOS sale on Udemy which lasts till 1st of August 2017.  The sale is site-wide,  you can enroll in any udemy course for $10 during this event.

ios sale udemy - ios 11 courses for $10 each
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Why Udemy is calling it iOS sale?

Probably because of the fact that, Udemy has launched 28 online courses on iOS 11 this month. They are giving these new iOS 11 courses a head-start with this $10 sale.  So guys,  go ahead and get your hands on these courses now.  Learn to develop apps for the most popular and secure mobile operating system on the planet.

These iOS app development courses are available in 13 different languages.  Following are the languages in random order:

Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian,  French, German

Benefits for Developers

With 28 courses in 13 languages Udemy is the first to deliver exhaustive training on getting your apps up to speed with the new iOS 11. Uncover new levels of learning, starting from where you are right now.

Stack up knowledge for all of your iOS 11 development needs:

  • Insight for new developers ready to launch their first app
  • Get a grasp of the new iOS features for your users
  • Learn how to code in Swift 4
  • Stay ahead of the game for seasoned developers
  • Update your existing apps to keep them fresh and competitive

Udemy iOS 11 courses on sale language wise

Arabic Courses
Webpage Instructor
Swift 4 & iOS11 بالعربية Osama Jasim
German Courses Courses
Webpage Instructor
Swift 4 & iOS 11 für Anfänger – App Entwicklung von A-Z Johannes Ruof
Apps entwickeln mit Swift 4 und iOS 11 für Einsteiger Christian Gesty
Der komplette iOS 11 & Swift Entwicklerkurs-Erstelle 15 Apps Codestars by Rob Percival
iOS 11 & Swift 4: From Beginner to Paid Professional™ Mark Price
English Courses
Webpage Instructor
The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps Rob Percival, Nick Walter
How to Make a Freaking iPhone App – iOS 11 and Swift 4 Nick Walter
iOS 11 and Xcode 9 – Complete Swift 4 & Objective-C Course Aaron Caines
Practical iOS 11 – Mastery of the new iOS features Stephen DeStefano
Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass Yohann Taieb
The Ultimate iOS 11 Course. Learn to Build Apps! Mammoth Interactive
iOS 11 – The Complete iOS 11 Developer – Create Real Apps Mr Grant Klimaytys
NEW: Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift 4 and iOS 11 Andi Setiyadi
iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp Angela Yu
iOS 11 & Swift 4: The Complete Developer Course Hussein Al Rubaye
The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – Beginner To Advanced Joe Parys
Spanish Courses
Webpage Instructor
Curso completo de iOS 11 y Swift: de cero a experto con JB Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas
iOS 11 y Swift 4 : Curso Completo de Cero a Profesional Juan Villalvazo

Some More Languages:

French Courses

Webpage Instructor
Développer pour iOS 11 avec Swift 4 Ludovic Ollagnier
Italian Courses
Webpage Instructor
IOS 11 e SWIFT 4 : Sviluppa app per iphone e ipad da zero Hidran Arias
Japanese Courses
Webpage Instructor
【6日で速習】iOS 11(iPhone/iPad)アプリ開発入門 井上 博樹 (Hiroki Inoue)
Korean Courses
Webpage Instructor
Swift4로 배우는 iOS11 프로그래밍 : 인공지능(AI) 아이폰 앱 개발하기 블로터 아카데미
Polish Courses
Webpage Instructor
iOS 11 i Swift 4 od podstaw – tworzenie gier i aplikacji Educativo PL
Portuguese Courses
Webpage Instructor
Curso de desenvolvimento IOS 11 – Aprenda a criar 18 Apps Jamilton Damasceno
Turkish Courses
Webpage Instructor
iOS 11 Swift 4 ve Firebase ile Uygulama Geliştirme Kerim Çağlar
iOS 11 & Swift 4: Başlangıçtan İleri Seviyeye Mobil Uygulama Atil Samancioglu
Chinese Courses
Webpage Instructor
深入浅出 iPhone 开发 (使用 Swift4) Wei Wei
深入淺出 iPhone 開發 (使用 Swift4)u Wei Wei

More info on iOS sale

The sale is site-wide, close to 50,000 Udemy courses are on sale. Here are the important dates to note:

  • Start Date: 24th of January 2017 12:00 am PST
  • End Date: 1st of August 2017 12:00 am PST

View the  iOS 11 collection page to pick an iOS 11 course for just $10 now!

Learn on your own pace

You don’t have to bother about class timings at all, play and resume your course as needed. With Udemy mobile and TV apps, learning has become even more easier.  You can study at your office, home or even while traveling. So, go ahead and take a course of your choice for just $10 and build your skills.

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