DataCamp Subscription 50% OFF

DataCamp one of the best platforms to learn Data Science and AI is running a great offer. With this sale, you get 50% OFF DataCamp subscription. This is the best time to join DataCamp to master the world’s most in demand data and AI skills at half the price.

Start Date – May 06, 2024 11:59:00 (EST)

End Date – June 06, 2024 23:59:00 (EST)

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DataCamp Subscription 50% OFF

DataCamp has has millions of learners over the year to master Data and AI skills. The best part is, everything is online, anyone from anywhere in the world can take up their programs and progress on their own pace. There are no time boundations as such to meet the deadlines.

Why you should Join DataCamp?

If you have not used DataCamp before, and you are looking to master the data skills, then it is the ideal to join now, as not only you get 50% off during black friday but also you are going to join the best platform for mastering the Data Science and AI. You don’t have to take ou words for it, just do your own math based on the stats we have gathered:

  • More than 12 million learners on the platform
  • 2500+ companies joined the platform
  • 80% of the Fortune 1000 companies employees use DataCamp to upskill
  • Learners from 180+ countries

The best part is you don’t have to install a software to start learning, your browser is enough. With DataCamp you run code right from your browser. We personally know many people who regularly complain about installing software and then running into problems.

USP of DataCamp

DataCamp uses a never failing methodology that helps learners learn quickly. Some of our friends who have been learning from the platform are really impressed with it. Here’s what they follow:

  • Assesment – This is the foremost thing, learners make the assesment of the skills and keep track of the progress
  • Learning – In this phase, learners complete interactive courses at their own pace
  • Practice – What you learned in the previous phase is practiced with daily quick challenges
  • Appication – What you learned is then applied by solving the real world problems

Apart from that, the DataCamp instructors come from top companies like Google, Microsoft, DataBricks and many more. Also, it is FREE to join DataCamp, with FREE DataCamp plan learners get access to:

  • Every First Chapter
  • Access to Job Board
  • Upgrade to earn certificates

Price of DataCamp Subscription

As of April 08, 2024, the price of DataCamp subscription is available at 50% discount. The normal DataCamp subscription price varies according to subscription plans.

Here are the popular ones:

  • Premium Plan (For Individuals) – This plan starts at $12.42/month on Annual Subscription, otherwise $29/month
  • Teams Plans (For a team of two and up) – Starts at $25/month per user

To see the current price and pricing of Workspace and Recruit, please go to this page.

Certifications Skills You Can Master With DataCamp

With DataCamp, learners can master number of skills and can also get Industry recognised certifications. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Become a Certified Data Professional – Rated #1 Data Analytics Certification by Forbes.
  • Data Analyst Certification
  • Data Engineer Certification

Skills you can master:

  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • AI
  • Power of BI
  • Tableau
  • Data Engineering

DataCamp Black Friday Offer could be of a great value to you. You are getting straight 50% OFF. You don’t want to miss it. And if you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask us.


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