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7 online courses from university of Illinois

In this post, I share some of the popular and highly rated online courses from the University of Illinois. Anyone who wants to learn new skills or master an existing one must take a look.

All the courses on the list are 100% online, anyone from anywhere can enroll and start learning from them.

The best part is, at the successful completion of the course, learners get an extremely valuable certificate of completion.

These self-paced online courses from the University of Illinois are exclusively hosted on Cousera, the leader in online learning space.

Top Online Courses/Certificates from University of Illinois

Digital Marketing by University of Illinois

Here’s an amazing specialization from the University of Illinois that teaches you everything about modern-day Digital Marketing skills from scratch. This digital marketing program is delivered by Coursera. The instructors of this 7-course specialization that includes a capstone project as well.

The instructors of the program are Aric Rindfleisch, Kevin Hartman, Mike Yao, and Vishal Sachdev.

Program Highlights

=> Over 39,255 learners enrolled

=> A beginner level program, anyone can learn from it

=> Flexible schedules, no need to worry about deadlines

=> Learners get a highly valuable certificate of completion

=> Covers SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing Analytics, 3D printing

=> New Aspects of Digital Marketing Environment

=> Has Subtitles in English, Arabic, Serbian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5/5

Learn can register here

Random Review:

Great theoretical background to Digital Marketing Analytics, especially enjoyed learning frameworks to structure data analysis to understand consumer behaviour. Highly recommended.

David G

Strategic Leadership and Management by University of Illinois

If you want to become an Organizational leader, consider learning the leadership and business skills from this 7-course specialization. This specialization is offered by the University of Illinois in partnership with Coursera.

The instructors of this program which has already been taken by 23,009 students are Deepak Somya, Elizabeth A. Luckman, Gregory Northcraft, Joe Mahoney, Michael Bednar, Huseyin Leblebici, Denise Lewin Loyd, Jeffrey Loewenstein, and Jeff Flesher.

Courses in the specialization:

=> Foundations of Everyday Leadership

=> Applications of Everyday Leadership

=> Designing the Organization: From Strategy to Organizational Structure

=> Managing the Organization: From Organizational Design to Execution

=> Business Strategy

=> Corporate Strategy

=> Strategic Leadership and Management Capstone

This is a beginner level specialization, you need no prior knowledge of the subject to start learning from it.

Duration: Self-Paced

Learners can register here

Random Review:

The course provided an excellent foundation for the way a leader (rather than a manager) can leverage their knowledge to build a better team. It is an excellent primer for the following courses.


Managerial Economics and Business Analysis Specialization

A great specialization for anyone to learn managerial economics and business analysis for effective business decisions. A 7-course program from the University of Illinois that teaches you everything about using business tools for successful execution.

This specialization has already been taken bu over 10,262 learners as I write this post. The names of the instructors of this program are Larry DeBrock, Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Fatanahe Tagaboni-Dutta, Vlad Dolgopolov.

Highlights of the program:

=> A beginner-level program

=> 100% online content with flexible schedule

=> Learn to analyze macroeconomic and microeconomic variables

=> How to assess market characteristics for making business decisions effectively

=> Learn to create business plans that require the use of data analysis tools and interpretation of statistical findings

=> Learn about supply and demand

At the successful completion of the program, learners get a certificate of completion which has a great value on the resume.

Duration: Self-Paced

Learners can Register here

Random Review:

This was awesome. I did not know Firm Level Economics when I joined this course. The explanations were simple and Prof DeBrock explained really difficult concepts in a very easy to understand manner.


Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship

This one is a 7 course specialization that teaches you how to innovate in connected world. Learn everything about the frameworks to manage and innovate in uncertainty.

This University of Illinois specialization has already been taken by over 3921 learners on Coursera. The overall rating of the specialization is 4.7/5, which is really amazing.

The names of the instructors who teach you over the course of this specialization are E. Geoffrey Love, Thomas E. Parkinson, Raj Echambadi, Jeffrey Loewenstein, Jack Goncalo and Jeff Flesher.

Highlights of the specialization:

=> 100% online content

=> Learn creativity

=> Gain knowledge of Business Models

=> Learn everything about Entrepreneurship

=> Master Innovation Management

Duration: Self-Paced

Rating: 4.7/5

Learners Can Sign Up here

Random Review:

The course is great! The product cycle, business model and the tool that this Innovation course offers makes total sense and are useful to help you track your way to success on innovation segment.


Final Words

The above-shared courses/programs/specialization from the University of Illinois are great for anyone who wants to level up their career. The certificate of completion you get after successfully completing the program is highly valuable.

If any of the above courses interest you, consider going for it. You get 7 days of free trial for each course, leverage that. Audit the course first, if it fits your requirement just go for it.


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