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If there is one highly sought after skill set to possess in today’s job market, it has to be Machine Learning. According to the World Economic Forum (WEM), the growth of Artificial Intelligence may create 58 million new jobs in the next few years. To fill these positions, tech giants need over a million AI engineers. And, according to the numerous market surveys, there are only 300K AI engineers all over the world.

This certainly presents a great career opportunity! Learning the Machine learning concepts that are used to build AI Applications may land you a job in top MNC. So, learn the foundations of machine learning now and expand your skills. Have the most sought after skills on your resume for career advancement.

Here’s a great course that can get you started with AWS machine learning. Getting Started With AWS Machine Learning (View here)

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AWS Machine learning Course

Getting Started with AWS machine learning course is offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in partnership with Coursera. The best part about this course is, it is 100% online, anyone from anywhere can start learning from it at any time.

Blaine Sundrud, Senior Technical Trainer at AWS Training and Certification is the instructor of this course. Overall, this is a 5-week program with flexible deadlines, just set your schedule and maintain it. The course is approximately 9 hours long.

The syllabus includes:

=> Introduction to Machine Learning (5 videos, 1 quiz)

=> Machine Learning Pipeline (1 video, 1 quiz)

=> Amazon AI Services: Computer Vision (4 videos, 1 quiz)

=> Amazon AI Services: NLP (5 videos, 1 quiz)

=> Introduction to Amazon SageMaker (6 videos, 3 quizzes)

Through the above modules, students learn the following:

  • How to address the key problems with machine learning and solve
  • Building intelligent applications such as Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, and others with Amazon AI services
  • How to utilize Amazon SageMaker with built-in algorithms and Jupyter Notebook instance to build, train and deploy a model
  • A look at Amazon DeepLens, the first-ever deep learning enabled video camera for developers

AWS Machine Learning Certificate

After the successful completion of the course, learners get a certificate of completion. This AWS machine learning certificate is of great value. Learners can share it on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, this may give them an edge over the others for a related role.

Therefore, follow the guidelines and complete the course successfully and get yourself this highly valuable certificate.

Random Review:

I’ve earned basic understanding on AI, ML, DL. I liked the videos with Amazon Deeplens device. This is helpful

Gowri S P N


This is fairly a new course, and already 16,699 students have enrolled in the course. The overall rating of the course is 4.4/5 after 65 ratings. This essentially means, the course is very popular among ML enthusiasts.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you take a look at this ML class, and let your friends and colleagues know about it.

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