Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Coursera This Year

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, everyone has their own ways to celebrate it. This year, we suggest you to celebrate it in a different way! Consider looking at especially curated Coursera Courses and Specializations about love, emotions, and self-care over here..

There couldn’t be a best way to utilize the day of love than acquiring deep knowledge of love, emotions and self care.

Valentines Day Coursera Courses and Specializations

Courses and Specializations We Love:

The following courses and specializations are picked up from this Curated Page. Though, all of  the 11 course and specializations on the page are great but, down below are pretty much what we love:

  • Foundations of Positive Psychology by University of Pennsylvania  – View here
  • The Science of Well Being by Yale University – View here
  • Love as a Force for Social Justice by Stanford University – View here
  • A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment by Indian School of Business – View here
  • Emotions: a Philosophical Introduction by Emotions: a Philosophical Introduction – View here
  • The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs by University of Toronto – View here

To see rest of the courses and specializations, please click on the curated page above!

Why Coursera?

This is a great question, so many learners often ask it when they see so many other platforms for online learning. Our response to this question is pretty simple, consider comparing other with Coursera, you will get your answer automatically. Anyways, following are the facts that make Cousera the number one choice for learning new skills online:

  • 35 million+ learners from 190+ countries
  • Courses, Specializations and Degrees on 100+ subjects
  • Instructors from reputed Colleges, Universities and organisations
  • Well structured programs that are 100% online
  • Access to all the material 24×7 across all devices
  • 7 days of free trial
  • Certificates that carry a lot of weight on your resume
  • Flexible schedules
  • Practice Quizzes and Projects
  • Financial aid for those who deserve it

Now, if you compare the above with other platforms, you will understand why Coursera is far ahead! Therefore, go ahead and start learning new skills this Valentine! Know the deep meaning of love, emotions and self care through top class instructors and institutions on Coursera.

Enrolling in a Coursera Specialization?

If you are enrolling in Coursera specializations, here’s a good news. You not only get 7 days of a free trial but also 10% discount if you pay for the specialization in advance. Just though you should know this, as any saving is a good saving!

In our next post, we discuss some of the best specializations on Coursera about Health Informatics, Healthcare Management, and Public Health. If you happen to be from the related field, don’t forget to check them out.


The above courses and specializations are handpicked by Coursera for Valentines Day. We highly recommend that you look at them yourself and also let your special one know about it. Celebrate the day of lovers to understand the deep meaning of love, emotions and self care!

Hope you find this article insightful! Don’t forget to share it with your friends, family and colleagues. We look forward to post more resources like this in our upcoming posts as well, until that, keep learning 🙂


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