React For Beginners – Training by Wes Bos

React For Beginners - Training by Wes Bos

If you want to learn React from scratch, consider looking at the training provided by Wes Bos, the full stack web developer. Through his premium step-by-step training course, learn to build real world React.js + Firebase apps and website components. In this post, we cover everything you need to know about the training.

Not interested in going through the full post? No worries, feel free to go to the training page. Others can continue to take a look at the details of the training below. If you know someone who has interest in learning React, do share this beginners training with them.

And, the best part is, the entire training is available online. And, anyone from any part of the world can enroll. Wes Bos is a generous person, so he believes in price parity power. So, the training price for people living in India and USA will be different. End of the day, Wes wants to ensure nobody finds his courses expensive.

So, enough of that, lets get down to the course content and good stuff.

Who Should Take React For Beginners Training?

Those who are looking to sharpen and modernize their front end development skills. No matter whether you are a noob or an experienced JavaScript developer, you should learn React. Though, the JS developer should finish this training little faster than beginners. You should consider this training for the following reasons:

  • To get better at JavaScript by learning fundamental and advanced concepts in real world practice
  • If you rely on jQuery and want to improve on how to build with JavaScript
  • Angular, Ember or Backbone Devs who are interested in learning how React works
  • If you are a PHP & WordPress Developer, Learning React could bring more opportunities
  • Devs looking to add interactive or real time pieces to existing websites or new websites they build

Here’s what you learn from this React Training

You will learn the following from this interactive React training online:

  • Building an entire App or Website Components in React.js from beginning to the end
  • How to Work with create-react-app for Webpack Tooling
  • Learning React Components and Writing markup with JSX
  • You will learn to maintain Application’s state
  • How to communicate between components
  • How to work with State and HTML5 Local Storage
  • Real time web socket data with Firebase
  • How to create maintainable code with JS Modules
  • Routing URLs with React Router 4
  • How to Deploy React Apps

And, much much more.

React Training Reception So Far

Ever since its launch this less than 5 hours of React for beginners training has been taken by 35,000+ learners worldwide. If this interests you, consider joining the training course by going here.



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