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self paced computer networking courses
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Computer networking courses online

The following is the list of best networking courses according to our research. Please know, these courses are listed randomly, and the stats for each course change over time. Do click on the links to visit the course page for realtime info:

Introduction to Computer Network for Non-Techies

This is the best course for non-techies who want to get into computer networking. Following are the stats of this best selling networking class:

Course Instructor:  Alton Hardin

Feedback Score:  4.5/5 after 410 ratings

Number of Students: 5,000+ enrollments so far!

Content:  The course comprises of 105 lectures, 9 articles and 73 supplemental resources. The length of this self paced networking class is 6.5 hours.

Network From Scratch to Advanced Implementation

Another great course that starts from the basics and takes to the advanced level. You will learn all about the implementation of networks in this class. The course is listed as best seller and has these stats so far:

Course Instructor:  Mohamed Atef

Feedback Score:  4.4/5 after 157 ratings

Number of Students: 1,000+ subscribers

Content:  This online class includes of 65 lectures and 5 supplemental resources. The course is 11.5 hours long.

The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

This is the best course for you if you want to know all about Cisco certified networking associate certification. This is another best seller, I have been following this course personally for a while now.  Its been great, just what I was looking for.

Course Instructor:  David Bombal

Feedback Score:  4.6/5 after 1640+ ratings

Number of Students: 8,600+ enrollments

Content:  This is a mega course, it contain 537 lectures, and 78 articles. The duration of the course is staggering 41.5 hours (The longest I know).

Wireless Networking Fundamentals

One of the best selling courses on Wireless networking fundamentals. Here’s the info about course stats, instructor and feedback score:

Course Instructor:  Infinite Skills

Feedback Score:  4.4/5 after 80+ ratings

Number of Students: 450+ enrollments

Content: The online class on wireless networking consists of 88 lectures. The length of the course is 7 hours.

The Complete Cyber Security Course : Network Security!

This is the course you need if you are interested in network security. you will learn to figure out security vulnerabilities after completing this course. Here is some of the important info about this  self paced class:

Course Instructor:  Nathan House

Feedback Score:  4.6/5 after 1540+ ratings

Number of Students: 25,700+ subscriptions

Content: The course consists of 105 lectures, 2 articles and 2 supplemental resources. The duration of the course is 12.5 hours.


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