Digital Marketing Course By Djordje Milicevic

Want to learn Digital Marketing and not sure where to begin? Guess what, you are not alone, with so many resources available online, it often becomes overwhelming for people to decide what to pick. But, don’t worry, this is where we chip in, we pick for you the best of the bests! For digital marketing, we have suggested some courses in the past and they have been very helpful for our readers.

Now, this is year 2018, we need to make sure the course we pick for you is futuristic. Therefore, we have found this Digital marketing course by Djordje Milicevic (View), it looks promising! You must look into it once.

Digital Marketing Course By Djordje Milicevic udemy

More About Djordje Milicevic Course

This digital marketing course is pretty new and covers almost everything you need to become a modern day digital marketer. Like we mentioned above, the instructor, Djordje Milicevic has made sure this course is not just limited to whats needed in 2018, it will prepare you for future as well.

Here are the things you will learn from the course:

  • Actionable skills for a new career in Digital Marketing
  • Learn, Understand and Create Digital Marketing Strategies
  • How to become a YouTube star

  • Build and Grow Your online business from scratch

  • How to become an Influencer

  • How to become famous on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • You also learn to build a WordPress website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing to sell and promote products
  • How to use Social Media to promote Your brand

Above mentioned are just a few highlights of the course, you learn so many other related things as well. Go here to see what all you learn 🙂

Following are the stats of this course

Before we get into the stats, we like to let you know that, you get lifetime access to all the courses you take on Udemy. Now, lets talk about the stats of this digital marketing course:

  • 185 total lectures
  • Around 15 hours of Video content
  • The course is pretty new, therefore, currently this course has 115+ students
  • The overall rating of the course is 4.2/5

Why we recommend this course?

The instructor of this course is new to Udemy but he’s a pro digital marketer with proven track record. He has worked with top companies like Coca Cola, Red Bull, BAT and many others. Therefore, its better to learn from someone who has vast experience under his belt!

That is one of the prime reasons behind our recommendation! Apart from that, we liked the content the course offers, it pretty much has all that a newbie requires to learn. So, go ahead and start your digital marketing journey with Djordje Milicevic Course!

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