Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Certificate

Quick heads up to all the readers! Google has just launched Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Certificate on Coursera. Like the other Google Certificates we shared before, this one is also available for anyone to take. If you are looking for a path to successful digital marketing career, this could just be perfect cert for you.

This 7 courses Digital Marketing and E-commerce Pro cert can make you learn the in-demand job ready skills in less than 6 months. While some of the people reading this post may already be familiar with the Digital Marketing and E-commerce practices, but the real gem here is the certificate from Google. So we highly recommend that you consider looking at it. Down below we briefly cover everything that learners should know about this certificate.

If you would like to skip the details, no problem, simply click here to view the certification page on Coursera.

Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional Cert

More About Google Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Professional Certificate

This is a beginner level certificate, which means, anyone who has no prior knowledge of Digital Marketing and E-commerce can enroll and learn from it. The certificate is 100% online, so anyone from any part of the world can join. The deadlines are also flexible, you decide the time, just set them once and follow along.

Subtitles for each lecture in this 7 courses certificate are available in English. You have the option to switch them on and off as required. Coursera suggests, if you dedicate 10 hours per week to this program, you can easily complete the certification in less than 6 months. And from our own experience, some people finish these program lot faster. All depends upon your time and interest!

If you are already using Coursera, and you have the Coursera Plus subscription, this professional certificate costs you nothing. For others, the price of the certificate varies depending upon the location, to keep the price parity in check we guess.

By the way, this comes with 14 days of refund policy as well if you are not happy with the content inside.

As of June 2022, over 39,700 learners have signed up, and current rating of the cert is 4.8/5.

What will you learn from the cert?

Anyone who completes this certificate gets a professional certificate. And, along with that, learners master the following skills if they carefully go through each of the 7 courses in this cert:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Customer Reach
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Awareness
  • Website Structure
  • Social Media Marketing

And lot more. Do take a look at this page to learn more.


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